Sandalwood & Cinnamon Crystal Candle

Sandalwood & Cinnamon Crystal Candle


High vibrational & infused with cinnamon bark + authentic Obsidian & Tiger’s Eye crystals. Ideal energy for the root, sacral & solar plexus chakras. 


Obsidian: the stone of power and protection. It works to cleanse your soul by identifying negativity and clears this energy in order to make room for more light energy. With its stabilizing and grounding effects, this stone helps to harness the Earth's energy.


Tiger’s Eye: the stone of luck and courage. It works to enhance focus, strength and determination. It vibrates prosperity and is also a very protective stone, as it connects with the spiritual power of the sun.


Hand poured, all natural with cotton wicks. 

100% soy candle. Made with essential oils. 

6 oz candle // burn time 35 - 40 hours.