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Writing Letters to the Universe

During this period of rebirth and a new chapter of energy, it’s important to align your vision with the energy you wish to receive. This will begin the force of attracting new opportunities into your life that align with your desires. Writing a letter to the Universe is a perfect way to find clarity in your desires. It helps you to focus on your desires while setting your purpose behind your intentions; huge ingredients for the law of attraction to be pulled into your life.

The Law of Attraction allows your thoughts to create your reality, just like manifestation. This is why we want to maintain positivity with the energy in our letter and be mindful of the wording used when when we write or speak. It’s also important to allow space for fear or doubts, and to honour these thoughts of yours, but not allowing them to set limitations to your beliefs or power to achieve.

The more specific you allow yourself to be in these letters will help you to visualize these desires into becoming your reality. The best thing to remember is to speak as if you’ve already achieved what you’re writing about, and to share gratitude to the Universe for pulling the correct alignment into your life. Coming from an energy source of gratitude is vital in these letters, as everything is a cycle of giving and receiving. Always remember that this appreciation will come back to you abundantly.

The more powerful and clear your letters state your desires, the more clearly the Universe will listen. Speaking these letters out loud to yourself daily, or weekly, is a tool to elevate your ability to manifest these words into truth. It will create the energy shift necessary in your subconscious to carry out the daily functions needed to get you closer to your achievements. It will create vibrations around you that will attract and pull the things you are claiming to receive into your path.

As you write your letter, sit in a comfortable sacred space that will allow your energy to flow and elevate. Sitting in a moment of silence, connect with your crown chakra and allow yourself to find the light within you to become engulfed in the powerful energy of your highest self. In this state of connection between you and The Divine Source you can begin to state your desires on paper. As you write your desires, connect further and deeper within the energy sources within you and visualize the desires you write down. Describe what you visualize and be as detailed as possible. Set the tone of your letter by sharing gratitude for receiving your blessings, and allow yourself to see that the blessings are already your reality. Remember that exactly what you’re asking for is already yours.

How to Prepare for Your Letter

Start with some grounding techniques:

  • Meditate

  • Walk

  • Stretch

  • Sound Therapy

  • Breathwork

Set your sacred space:


Begin with addressing the Universe as a friend, let them know of your current space and the energy you desire to receive. Being as detailed as possible is important, think about it as if you have already achieved what it is you are desiring. Write this letter as a thank you note to the Universe for paving the path to receive these desires. Afterwards, come to your sacred space every week or so to read your letter, connect deeper to the energy and vibrations of your desires and claim it.


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