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Worm Moon 2022

This month's Full Moon lands in the delicate sign of Virgo on March 18th and if you haven't been feeling it already, you're about to - big time. This Full Moon comes two days shy of our Spring Equinox, which marks the start of a new astrological year. Equinox is said to be a point in time where the veil between our present world and the higher realms are thin, providing fresh cosmic energy and a shift of perspective. The energy from both the Full Moon and the Equinox will push us to a time of rebirth and new beginnings.

Some of us may already be experiencing some challenges that the universe has sent our way, but know and trust that it is just simply a part of the journey. When we level up, we are pushed to limits we never knew we had, and this brings a whole new level of strength out of you. Each time the challenge gets harder, those limits get bigger, and your strength gets larger.

The universe is guiding us to let go of perfectionism, as perfectionism is an action to avoid a reaction of blame or judgment. By letting your mind think something needs to be done perfectly or only one way, you are subconsciously seeking approval for that thing. This is done from a place of fear, which leads your mind to be in a state of negativity. Once we come from a place of trusting and knowing that we are not in control and we let our intuitions guide us to the reaction, we are operating from a place of love, abundance and positivity.

Under this Full Moon, Neptune, the planet of spiritual growth is active. Neptune is here to help us dive in deeper into our intuition by pushing us to make space for our inner power. Tap in to your gut instincts and allow your intuition to expand your third eye chakra. This is an ideal time to slow down, prioritize self care and trust your inner voice. Go inward in order to make that voice louder and detach from the outside world.

This potent Virgo Full Moon energy that we feel will help us with improving our self confidence and operating from a sense of self worth. At the end of the day, you truly are the only thing that can get in the way of your own success. If you've been holding back in some areas of your life, this is the time to make (and stick to) the decision to move forward. Sometimes, the only way to do this is to change things up with how you're operating. In order to implement change, you must be the change.

This week is a powerful time for cleansing, releasing and recharging. Make the space for new energy to come through by setting your intentions and allowing yourself to be open to new possibilities. This Full Moon will feel as if it's here to confront you of what you're holding on it. Dig deep to figure out what that is and allow that energy to leave you by surrendering. This is a time to honour our yin and yang vibrations and set our intentions. Master the art of taking your wounds and turning them into portals of strength and inspiration.




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