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Wolf Moon 2022

The first Full Moon of this magical year lands in the intuitive sign of Cancer on January 17th, and brings us energies of release. Cancer's ruling planet is the moon, therefore, you can only imagine how emotionally exhausting, yet liberating this energy wave will feel. As a water sign, Cancer reminds us to be nurturing, compassionate, but strong with our decisions. A lot of us are feeling quite stagnant right now going into the new year, and this type of feeling is unfortunately here to stay for the rest of the year. However, as long as we focus on navigating through our intuition, and less with societal expectations, we're in for a year filled with growth and gains.

This stagnant energy we are feeling at this moment is because our beautiful Earth is going through a dimensional shift. Think of it as the Earth's energy being split into two; the conscious and the unconscious, or as some like to say from 3D to 5D. Those of us that are working to raise our vibration and navigate as our higher selves will be invited to be on this ride of new frequency. In order to keep up with this shift, you are called to do tons of inner work to help elevate your vibration. This first Full Moon of the year is here to remind us to shake off any heaviness we may be feeling in order to fight through to what and who we know we truly are.

The planet Pluto also has quite an influence on this month's Full Moon energy as it is currently orbiting closely to the moon. Pluto is the planet of power and creativity, hence why we may be feeling a bit unsettled during this time as it is forcing us to shift our power dynamics, by calling back our power. If you are someone who depends on others or waits for doors to open in order to walk through them, here is your sign that it's time for you to open your own doors. This new age energy we are stepping into is all about self empowerment; what do you bring to the table? We all have our strengths, find yours and it will be easier for you to share it with the world.

With this stagnant energy floating around, it's super important for us to have a body, mind and soul release right now. Get outside for some fresh air, meditate on some frequency music, and allow yourself to be creative by connecting to your inner child. Alternating that, with deep rest, is the best way to steer through this energy shift. With power dynamics being the main theme for this month's Full Moon energy, let yourself dig deep into what provides you with power and what doesn't. Relationships you have outgrown, or habits that no longer serve you.

Neptune, the planet of intuition and spirituality, is also active under this Full Moon. It holds vibrations of unconditional love and helps us to follow our dreams by connecting us with the universe. With the powerful and creative energies of Pluto and the intuitive and compassionate energies of Neptune, this would be an ideal time to dive into a creative project or release through creativity. This is your year, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Happy New Year!




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