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The Power Of Positive Affirmations

We have all heard that the power of positive affirmations are immense for our subconscious, but it can be overwhelming to understand how to use these affirmations in our daily practices, in order to elevate to our highest selves. Positive Affirmations are statements such as “I am” or “I welcome” that end in a positive outcome for yourself. These are based on your goals and desires to meet your highest self. It’s the idea that “thoughts become things” and that the importance of the words you speak are astronomical when wanting to manifest your intentions.

The word affirmation is derived from a latin word affirmare, originally meaning “to make steady, strengthen.” Choosing exactly what to say can greatly benefit and cultivate your highest good; strengthening your intentions and directing your actions to succeed your affirmation. Affirmations help to restructure your thoughts and the way your brain subconsciously sees your goals, so you can begin thinking that nothing is impossible or unachievable. By verbally affirming your dreams or goals, you are instantly empowering your brain with deep reassurance that these words will become your reality. This instant rush has been proven to release “feel-good” hormones and push our brains to form “positive thought” neurones. This is the holy grail of pattern breaking. By speaking your positive thoughts to then cultivate action, you are able to break negative patterns in your mind - and in turn negative actions - all through daily positive affirmations.

Verbally affirming your future is critical when wanting to connect with the Universe. It’s a strong spiritual belief that the Universe is influenced by every action and word spoken. If we choose to dictate our wishes then it will respond with signs or opportunities to help us create success in that wish. When we speak, we emit a sound wave into the Universe which hits the air and becomes a real tangible object. This verbal affirmation now exists in the world, really meaning that no words are empty words and each affirmation does indeed hold weight. If you constantly say “I can’t” the energy will return you, but if you are able to edit your daily self talk to include “I will” or “I can” or "I

am" - the Universe will provide you opportunities to strengthen your abilities to achieve. The more welcoming and receptive that you are to the Universes's lessons, the greater your success will become when reaching your manifestations.

A beautiful way to elevate your daily affirmations are to include both the power of intention setting and the attitude of gratitude. Both are important pieces in grounding your grateful energy and coming back home to exactly what your purpose or direction is when affirming your future.

Combining specific crystals with your affirmations can be greatly beneficial when seeking to release and charge yourself with the correct energy to fulfil your intentions. It aids in creating a more grounding environment to feel each word of your affirmation and to connect the energy of each word to your crystal, allowing the Universe to fuel your actions. Utilizing crystals that connect to specific chakras will allow you to focus your affirmations in providing elevation to strengthen these chakras as you verbally affirm this strength.

So what does this process look like? It’s important to truly believe the words as you say, believe that they are already true and yours. As you begin to truly feel, see, say, and believe that these words are your truth, you will use that energy to fuel you into accepting and welcoming these desires.

  1. Take your crystals between your hands, massaging them in any areas of tension on your body, and use them to strengthen your chakras when affirming your future. Allow your imagination to flow and finalize it with a confident statement that you have affirmed this is being welcomed into your life.

  2. Set your intention on how you’re going to welcome specific actions into your life to elevate this affirmation. Allow space for doubts and understanding tensions, but do not allow them to control your affirmation by reversing the energy. Release them with every exhale and inhale your affirmed reality.

I challenge you to monitor your self talk today, and edit your vocabulary to include more positive statements that affirm yourself, your goals and your future. Set your intentions every morning and speak to yourself as your highest self, using this energy to affirm success. The days you feel a lack of drive or direction practice gratitude, and use that to affirm positive energy back into your words. Look at the impact your words have and align a strengthening statement to each chakra in order to reach your intention. Connect your crystals with your words and utilize them in your daily practice to find release, grounding, and to recharge vibrations. Utilizing positive affirmations is just the beginning of the journey to rewire your brain and to see the divine success that can be abundantly yours.

We hope you can use this mindful daily practice to strengthen your connection from your current self to your highest self.




Below I have included some examples of positive affirmations. Please note that yours may be more specific to your set intentions:

  • I am me and that is my power.

  • I welcome abundant opportunities that provide security and stability.

  • I am full of love and my love is protected

  • I welcome energy into my life that is safe and supportive.

  • I feel joy without limits in my life.


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