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Super Worm Moon

The last Full Moon before the astrological new year takes place, falls in the sign of Virgo on March 9th. This Super Full Moon will bring a time of healing and illumination of truth. This months moon, known as the Worm Moon, received its name from a time of the year when the temperature begins to rise in warmth and the ground begins to thaw, leaving an earthworm casts to appear.

This Super Full Moon is going to shine a light on things that have felt unclear. It is going to leave a trail of crumbs for us to follow, in order for us to find our way through. This trail will come with new realizations, healings, and awakenings.

Virgo's energy will allow us to come into our own strength and embrace our inner wisdom. It is about knowing that we have the power to heal ourselves, others and the planet. Shortly after this Full Moon peaks, Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury will station direct, signalling the end of its retrograde. Take time to engage with the closest people in your life and reflect on the spiritual messages that you might have missed out on

With the end of a retrograde, comes a strong, transformative energy flowing through the month of March. However, with this Full Moon illuminating things for us, we need to ensure that we are implementing self care into our regular routines. Meditation, exercise, healthy food, rest - whatever it takes to keep our body, mind and souls align. As we head towards Spring Equinox's arrival on the 19th of March, we will feel a lot of shifting energy around us, as the energy of new beginnings rises up to greet us.

Neptune, the planet of spirituality, is also very active during this Full Moon. Pay attention to your dreams or any intuitive hunches as this is how Neptune communicates with us. Know that Neptune’s energy encourages us to work from the heart and to keep our ego in check. It encourages us to view things through the lens of our higher self. It is this mindset that Neptune helps us to create and you have the power to find your own truth in these words.

Energy is growth, vibrate wisely.



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