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Super Flower Moon

The third and final Super Full Moon of the year arrives on May 7th in the sign of Scorpio. This month's moon is known as the Flower Moon as the month of May marked a time of increasing fertility, warm temperatures, and plants in bloom. The Earth is most fertile currently, therefore, it’s time to start planting spiritual and physical seeds. The energy from this month's Full Moon focuses on spirituality, healing, cleansing and detoxifying, as it will be preparing us for the Eclipse season that follows ahead.

The Super Flower Full Moon will bring you emotions of understanding and sympathy, as it will shape you to become more sensitive to the little things in life that are the most precious. We may feel extra sensitive and a little moody, and just like the scorpion, we may be tempted to use our stingers. However, the Scorpio Full Moon is always a special one as it signifies that transformation is always possible.

Just as the scorpion sheds its skin, we too can shed ours. We too can transform ourselves simply by making different choices and thinking different thoughts. No matter what our own zodiac signs are, we can all use some of this Scorpio energy to bring transformation and use our wisdom in order

to make healthy changes in our lives. Tune into your intuition in order to protect your energy fields.

Make peace through grieving, through allowing, and through honoring the new beginning that has now been paved. Once we accept that everything is temporary, we will be more conscious of being present. However, negative thoughts can affect our ability to stay present. Take yourself out of negative situations in order to let your spirit and soul thrive. There is always a silver lining beauty to endings.

In the end, everything is about perspective. The beauty in puzzle pieces fitting together is not about the picture it makes, but the process of making them fit. Understanding that the journey is the process, will bring you a sense of calmness for when it's all over. Allow yourself to find the beauty in whatever endings have and may come your way.

Namaste xo

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