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Super Flower Blood Moon 2021

The Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26th is a rare celestial event that takes place in the sign of Sagittarius and is here to open up new spiritual portals for the next chapters of our lives. These portals will lead us to higher vibrations that will elevate our consciousness. The lengthy name of this month's Full Moon is the result of a few astronomical events coming together at once. When a Full Moon reaches the point closest to our planet on its elliptical orbit, it's referred to as a Super Moon, as it appears larger than usual in the sky. A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon aligns with the Sun and the Earth, leaving the Earth's shadow to block the sun's light and completely covers the Moon. Following the lunar month calendar, the Indigenous tribes traditionally named the May Full Moon as the 'Flower Moon,' since this time of year marked an increase in fertility, warm temperatures and plants in bloom.

The last Blood Moon Eclipse that took place was in January 2019, therefore, we're in for a major energy shift that is about to cleanse our lives. Direct messages from the universe will be downloading in front of us, so this is the most ideal time to create space for new beginnings in order to receive these downloads. The sign of Sagittarius rules over the higher mind and wisdom, as its energy helps us to focus on the bigger picture and to expand our perspectives. This type of energy allows us to set our intentions and aim our arrow in the direction that our manifestations are in. The universe responds to what we feed it, therefore, when we have clear intentions and/or goals, the universe will listen in order to help make that happen. When we are not clear with what we want, this slows down our process of making it happen. However, do not confuse intent with journey. The intent is what we want, the journey is how we get there. How we get there is not in our control, and that is something we have to accept in order to ascend. The universe may take us on a roller coaster of a journey, but trust that this is all a part of the Divine's plan.

The energy from this month's Eclipse will guide us into the Solar Eclipse that will take place on June 11th. With these two astronomical events taking place within 2 weeks of one another, the energy shift will not only bring change but will also bring new knowledge to the surface. Hidden secrets or information that is needed in order to guide us through an awakening will appear. Remember that knowledge is power, therefore, this new information will guide us to transform or provide us with clarity to answers that we have been seeking.

As the Moon falls into darkness (literally), it may bring dark emotions that will rise to the surface. All of the shadow work that we have done will tie together to create a new sense of awareness as to why we may have gone through certain situations in our lives. Honour these emotions as they come to the surface. You may feel a bit overwhelmed or exhausted, but remember that all of these emotions are just temporary. These emotions act as puzzle pieces to the bigger picture, and by going through them we are receiving the pieces to put this big picture together.

Whenever we think of darkness, we think of negativity. However, it is actually an expression of the feminine and not to be feared. It is when we are faced with darkness that we transform. Darkness shows us how to connect with our spirit, and when faced with the dark we seek nothing but the light. As the shadow of the Eclipse falls across the face of the moon, our intuition and hidden powers will be elevated.

During this intense Eclipse season, Mercury will enter into retrograde on May 29th in its ruling sign of Gemini. It is believed that retrogrades were a time dedicated for us to look back, retrace our steps and look into our patterns of the past before proceeding ahead. Mercury, the plant of communication and technology, is here to shine a light on how we are choosing to connect and communicate, not only with those that are around us but also with ourselves. This includes connecting with our inner self in order to understand what our soul truly desires.

Eclipses are powerful events that are gifts from the Universe in order to place us exactly where we need to be. It is a time of transformation that pushes us to walk into the unknown and will introduce us to a new state of our awakening. We are all here for a specific reason, and this Eclipse will remind us as to why we are here. It provides us with the opportunity to level up and seed up our soul's purpose. Take advantage of this opportunity and run with the stars towards your higher self, your true self. This time of the year will provide us with an unseen world of spirit, higher consciousness, and infinite possibilities. Buckle up, it's time for the next chapter of your evolution.

Crystals to get you through this Eclipse and into retrograde season: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Obsidian, Fluorite & Lapis.

Repeat the affirmation: "I am ready to receive. I am ready to transform. I am ready to ascend, with no attachments." - and watch yourself blossom.




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