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Sturgeon Moon 2021

This months Full Moon lands in the free spirit sign of Aquarius (again) on August 22nd and will bring us healing energies of release. The first Aquarius Full Moon that took place last month introduced us to a new portal of energy, while the second Aquarius Full Moon this month will demonstrate how to use and release this energy. When we learn how to release what no longer serves us we can amplify change which give us the potential to grow. The Aquarius energy build up from the last couple of weeks will shine a spotlight on all that needs to be transformed in our lives.

This Aquarius energy is all about stepping out of our comfort zones in order look at and do things differently. All of this energy is here to contribute to our growth, so long as we tap in and ride this wave of new vibrations. Whenever we have strong Aquarian energy, we receive added support from the Universe to shift and clear dense energies. Within your comfort zone, there is not much incentive for you to reach new heights of performance. This happens in our growth zone, as we enter a frequency that will allow us to explore our purpose and authentic aspirations. As the sun moves from the fiery sign of Leo into the nurturing sign of Virgo, we will feel a boost of creativity and perhaps inspiration that we have been waiting for.

Jupiter, which is currently in retrograde also in the sign of Aquarius, is conjunct this Full Moon. Jupiter energy is very active, it tends to expand ideas, places, and things. It can help us to filter and shape our reality. When we connect with the highest vibrations that Jupiter has to offer, it allows us to see the world as a place of abundance, possibilities and opportunities. Under this Full Moon, focus on your manifestations as loudly and boldly as you can, as the more clear you are with what you want the more likely the universe will give it to you. When things start to change around you, focus on where your energy is getting drawn to. It is likely that the more open you are to shifting your energy, the more space you will create for growth and clear guidance.

So often we get caught up on the new that we forget about the old, in this case old energies, ideas, or abilities from our past. Tap in during your next meditation session and ask your spirit guides to show you how you can use any of these powers of the past to help cultivate your future. Looking back may feel like you're visiting a completely different life, however, the energies of our past sometimes must be revisited in order to help our future. No matter where we are today, this Full Moon energy is here to remind us that our power, purpose and strength comes from a seed that was once planted.

The Native American tribes recognized the August Full Moon as the 'Sturgeon Moon,' as the sturgeons of the Great Lakes were readily caught during this time of the year. The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, symbolically and eternally giving life and spiritual energy to the universe. The woman symbolizes the healer in us all and the water symbolizes the heavy emotions of the world. The water bearer transmute's these emotions by using the power of the air element and returns them to the earth cleansed.

Aquarius is always searching for the higher truth. The truth that goes beyond perspective and into a higher place. Full Moon's light up our night sky by illuminating all that is dark. Last month was all about finding that light inside of you, while this month shows us how to use that light to reach higher and greater truths. Your greatest weapon during this time is your intuition, use it to guide you to the next chapter.



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