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Strawberry Super Moon 2022

This month's Full Moon is a Super Moon, landing in the sign of Sagittarius on June 14th. A moon is considered a Super Full Moon when it appears close to Earth and larger than usual, lighting up our sky with its beauty. The moon holds strong divine feminine energy. Each phase of the lunar cycle offers a different level of energy, but a Super Full Moon is its highest natural energy level. Strong transformational vibrations have been around us the last couple of weeks, so the energy from this stage could quite possibly lead us into another hurdle with a beautiful outcome.

Transformation requires letting go, and that's exactly what this moon is here to teach us. Letting go requires a lot of willpower and focus, so allow yourself the time to slow down in order to just be. Neptune, the planet of ideals and intuition, holds strong energy this month. This type of energy will help us during this transformational period as it guides us to go inwards and detach from the outwards. Your senses may feel very heightened during this time, so just allow your intuition to take the wheel and trust the outcome.

With all of this transformation taking place, some of you may feel the need to call in a distraction, however, when you distract yourself from what you should be reflecting on, you move away from the illuminating path of light. The energy surrounding this transit is all about stepping into your power and owning it. When you stop to reflect, you realize that the only thing truly stopping you from just being, is yourself.

The sign of Sagittarius is the adventurer, it is the seeker of wisdom and growth. The go getter that does not stop getting. Sagittarius energy reminds us to have fun through it all and to allow the light to guide you. The past six months has bought changes and challenges, but nothing we couldn't get through. This Super Full Moon is our chance to take a pause and to simply be, simply allow, and simply make time for more joy. In order to do this though, you need to give yourself and the universe permission to release. Remember that whatever you are going through, you will pass through.




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