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Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on June 5th in the sign of Sagittarius, and it will be guiding us to stand our ground, claim our power, and allow our inner fire to speak. As we're halfway into 2020, this will be the first of three Eclipses' that we will experience back to back. This is a time for great transformation, as we are now in the process of a mass global awakening. We will discover new paths that will emerge, paths that are very different from the roads we were walking before. Each Eclipse we will experience during this time will help us to embrace the highest qualities of a Gemini: strong communication, new perspectives and connecting with others.

There is currently two global pandemics that are taking over our planet. Over the past couple of months, we have been exposed to more information, knowledge, and data than we have ever been exposed to in such a short period of time. Under this Lunar Eclipse, the planet Mars will also be very active. Mars holds strong warrior energy, which is why this Eclipse will guide us to find our inner flame and allow it to rise. Our emotions may feel heated, but we must learn to listen. To ourselves, our environment, our brothers and sisters that are fighting everyday just to stay alive. We have to learn to listen to our anger and frustration, for there is wisdom to gain. If we allow ourselves to feel our emotions, we are likely to have a breakthrough. If we allow ourselves to feel our anger or feel the intensity of our emotions, we are likely to find the truth of what is boiling underneath the surface.

Listen to your inner voice, your inner anger. Not to be drowned in negative thoughts, but to listen and understand why these emotions exist, and what they're here to teach you. Find the value in what these uncomfortable emotions have to offer, because that in itself will teach you what you are meant to do with this energy. We cannot rush this process or let it go because it’s uncomfortable. We have to sit with it and we have to own all of it. Claim all of it and allow ourselves to rise with it so we can understand what is fanning our flames. What fires you up is a clue to your power and your purpose.

Traditionally coinciding with wild strawberry season, June's Strawberry Moon recieved its name from the Algonquin tribes in eastern North America.

A Lunar Eclipse has ten times the potential of just a Full Moon, as it releases paths that help accelerate our soul journey. This is what we have been aligning our chakras for. This is what we have been cleansing our auras for. It's time to show up, and it's time to stand up.

Black Lives Matter.


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