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Snow Moon 2021

The second Full Moon of the year falls in the earthy goddess sign of Virgo on February 27th and it brings energies of release. It's hard to believe that we are only two months into this year, as it feels like we've come much farther. 2021 is meant to be a transformative year and each Full Moon comes with a reminder of that. After our first Mercury Retrograde of the year, the Snow Moon will bring us vibrations to help us feel grounded, centred, and balanced.

February was destined to be one of the most intense months of the year. The Aquarius Stellium created a line up of cosmic energy, which in return created drastic change. It helped us concentrate and focus on certain areas of our lives and perhaps it even provided some of us with a new sense of freedom. The main focus of this month was mental clarity. We may have found that our minds were working in overdrive, or reminiscing the past. However, under this Virgo Full Moon we will feel vibrations of calmness, as it is here to remind us that only we have the power to make the best of what we have, out of what has come. Remind yourself that change in any form, can always lead us to places we never dreamed of imagining for ourselves.

Feeling at peace with change is not always easy, however, any effort to bring some acceptance can make a huge difference to our wellbeing. Whatever needed to come to the surface arrived just before this Full Moon did. While Full Moons tend to usually heighten emotions, this Full Moon is here to bring us gentle comfort.

The sign of Virgo is represented by the Virgin Goddess, who vibrates strongly on inner strength and independence. Sometimes we may feel as if our strength was developed out of trauma or our egos, however, the Virgin Goddess reminds us that our strength forms from our connection to our higher self; who we truly are.

Those of us that are struggling to connect to our higher selves may be suffering from blockage of some sort. If this is you, ask yourself what your blockage could be. Could it be: a lifestyle choice, self doubt, past trauma, or perhaps just making the time to sit down and connect with yourself? We are at our most vulnerable when we are alone, but we also become the strongest when we are alone.

Following the lunar month calendar, the Indigenous tribes traditionally named the February moon as the 'Snow Moon,' since this time of year had the largest amount of snowfall.

Allow the energies of this Full Moon to set you free and release you of that which no longer serves you. Take the time to cleanse yourself and your space by tapping into your frequency. The higher your vibration is, the stronger your connection to the divine will be, the more powerful you will feel. Your journey home to yourself is the most important one yet. All that has been revealed to us is here, thanks to the power of this Full Moon.




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