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Pink Super Moon 2021

The first Super Moon of the year takes place on April 26th in the ambitious sign of Scorpio. A Super Moon occurs when the moon becomes close to Earth, making it appear bigger and brighter in the night sky. Super Moon's have the ability to increase the magnetic potency of the moon and unlock powerful portals of release. Scorpio is a water sign, and the Moon is ruled by the water element, therefore, we may find ourselves feeling extra sentimental under this Full Moon. As our senses begin to heighten, we must use our intuition to guide us through this time.

A Full Moon in Scorpio is about exposing the emotionally dark parts of ourselves that we have been trying to hide from the world. By holding back, we create a deeper and darker hole for ourselves that is harder to get out of. We must release this energy in order to purify our souls and cleanse our auras. In order to do that, we must first acknowledge what the darkness is that is holding us back, and set the intension to release it. This could be an old habit, a trait, a behaviour pattern or even a person in your life. Awareness is the key to letting go, without it we would not know what no longer serves us. Our heightened senses can act as a guide to a deeper state of conciseness and awareness. Our intuition is our superpower, and under this Full Moon we will have full access to it.

On a daily basis we pick up on energies all around us. Inside, outside, and even online from the digital realm. Sometimes these unwanted energies can stick to us and cloud up our energy field without us even realizing it. By releasing and clearing out our energetic field, we can return to a state of wholeness and balance. This is why it's important to have not only a morning routine, but a night time routine as well that helps to cleanse the energy in your space and within your aura. This can include, but is not limited to: meditation, smudging herbs, taking a bath, stretching, holding crystals, breath work and/or sound healing. Other practices that involve another individual, such as reiki, acupuncture, massage or collective meditation can also be highly beneficial for clearing stagnant energy from your body. If you are feeling scattered or drained, be sure to focus on staying grounded and practice self care. Know that whatever is draining you can also serve as a clue to what you need to dive deeper into.

Scorpio energy is ruled by the planet Pluto, and on April 27th Pluto enters its annual retrograde that will end on October 6th. During this time, your focus should be centred around decisions that will help you grow. You may not feel ready or want to prolong the process during this transition but in reality, there is no such thing as the perfect time. All we have is now, so allow yourself to understand your actions on a deep level, which will give you a different perspective on how to interact with others and treat yourself. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so keep in mind that whatever has fallen has not been lost. It is simply undergoing a transformation and you may start to see signs of the rebirth under this Scorpio Full Moon.

At times when we feel most anxious or stressed out, our first instinct is to push this type of energy away. Scorpio energy teaches us the only way out is going through. We must dive in deep in order to allow ourselves the space to explore, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. It's only when we're faced with that type of energy that we allow ourselves to surrender. When we create space, we have the capacity to grow. This space will bring us new wisdom, greater understanding, more compassion and higher vibrations. There is a power in learning to be present in the uncomfortable emotions that greet us in life. Although self-care is super important under this Full Moon, give yourself the opportunity to dive in to any chaos if you feel called.

The Pink Full Moon signifies the beginning of the spring season as pink flowers will now begin to bloom and vivid colours start to fill the environment around us. As our environment begins to blossom, so will we. This time of year is filled with emotional intensity that will facilitate spring cleaning both internal and external form. Let go of all that is no longer serving you, use this time as the perfect opportunity to release on an energetic and vibrational level. Never forget that you are a spiritual warrior that signed up for this task before you were even incarnated.




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