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Pink Moon 2022

This month's Full Moon lands in the airy sign of Libra on April 16th and it's here to help us release energies of tension. Think of this tension as the cherry on top - the last bit of energy that no longer serves you. Remember that in order for anything to be released from the inside, it needs to get outside. As the tension approaches, allow it to flow out of you with no judgement. It's only when we surrender that we can fully release.

A lot of us will feel this release from within our divine feminine side, which will create space for more sacred power. We live in a heavily masculine lead society, and in order for that to change, the feminine must be consciously embraced. Tension is a result of an imbalance, so ask yourself when you're feeling off what isn't working and where more energy needs to go. Remember that your energy is your currency. It is sacred.

The flow of giving and receiving energy should be equalized when it comes to relationships, therefore, it's important to ensure you are enforcing boundaries where they need to be enforced. Most people that we come across in our lives are either reflections of us, or lessons that need to be learned. By setting healthy boundaries, we can minimize the tension build up and allow the journey to unfold.

On the 12th of April, we experienced the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces which signifies a collective spiritual awakening. Jupiter and Neptune align every 13 years or so, but this is the first time they have come together in Pisces in over 166 years. On its highest vibration, Neptune is the planet of unconditional love and Jupiter is the planet of expansion. The merge of this energy prior to the Full Moon is the reason for our heightened emotions and increased sensitivity. The energy from this conjunct will help to raise our vibrations and to access higher realms. It is a highly creative energy that thins the veil, allowing us to see things we couldn’t before.

The release you've been waiting for is just around the corner. Allow it out dance out of you and create space for new vibrations. With these new vibrations, plant seeds for the future and be mindful along the way.




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