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Mercury in Retrograde: Beginners Guide

The end of May (May 29th to be exact) marked the start of our second Mercury Retrograde of the year. Since then, things may have began to feel a bit off. Maybe you have been feeling anxious, frustrated or even seen a domino effect of little messes slowly piling up. This is just the tell-tale sign that you too are a victim to the intensified energies under this retrograde. It's believed that retrogrades were a time dedicated for us to look back, retrace our steps and look into our patterns of the past before proceeding ahead. On June 22nd, Mercury will go direct and out of retrograde, however, until we reach that day, this Mercury in Gemini energy can be utilized if the power during this time is understood. Mercury, the plant of communication and technology, is here to shine a light on how we are choosing to connect and communicate, not only with those that are around us, but also with ourselves. This includes connecting with our inner self in order to understand what our soul truly desires.

The term retrograde is derived from the latin word “retrogradus” which translates to "backwards step." The definition itself illustrates that this is a time a planet appears to go backwards in its orbit. Astronomers refer to this as “apparent retrograde motion” because it is an optical illusion and the planet doesn’t actually turn back in the opposite direction. As we are in deep belief that the Moon, Stars, Planets, and Sun affect all that happens on Earth, we must understand that the planets in our solar system also rule different aspects of our lives. Mercury is said to govern transportation and communication through greek mythology and during it’s transit “backwards” these areas can be heightened with chaos in our lives. The familiar retrograde challenges that we tend to face include: troubles with technology, communication, misunderstandings or information overloading. This retrograde being in the sign of Gemini has a strong connection to communication - having miscommunication and absolutely NEEDING to think twice, before you speak, is necessary. During this retrograde, energy exchanges are heightened with some specific events. It kicked off with the Lunar Eclipse that took place on May 26th, following the Solar Eclipse that took place on June 10th and into June 14th when the second of the three Saturn-Uranus squares took place. This will create lots of news that will impact us on a global scale, rushing an overload of information that will require us to ground and protect our aura.

Often, during Mercury Retrograde our written and spoken words are affected the most, therefore, decision making in any case should be handled with more care during this time. Preferably, avoid signing large contracts or entering agreements during this period, as the cosmic energy that is incredibly charged during this time can often bring negative results on long-term decisions. The retrograde can elevate our need for change, or escaping the challenges that are brought up during this time. However, the most important tool during this period to utilize is our ability to reflect. Reflect upon your position in the present moment and release the weight that does not serve you or that could be holding you back from reaching the next elevation. If you’re finding chaos in certain areas of your life during this time, look within for ways to strengthen your energy or to release any blockages in relation to these challenges. Remember that it’s harder for your aura to be effected during retrogrades if you are consistently working to protect your energy and have built a strong foundation for yourself.

So, how do we deal with this unstable energy? Firstly, take a deep breath and remember to remain flexible and patient during this time. Allow yourself more time and grace as you navigate your daily tasks during this period. Review everything three times over before making any finalized decisions. Have back up plans and plan for extra time to communicate your thoughts or emotions effectively. Utilize the Gemini nature of being able to see both sides to situations and harness elevating your emotional intelligence during this emotionally chaotic period. Through balancing both of your masculine and feminine energies, you will have a more clear view of both sides to any problem. Utilize the intensified power to finish any projects and to create space to receive the abundance that is on the other side of this cosmic period. Most importantly, connect with your intuition in order to raise your overall vibration. The next and final retrograde of the year takes place on September 27th and will last until October 17th. To recap, we’ve learned that during Mercury Retrograde we tend to feel the consequences of how strong our decision-making stands and the ability to problem solve while protecting our energy. The best way to prepare for the intensified powers of the retrograde is to create a daily practice of making elevated decisions that will serve to protect and honour you. Honour your highest self, be mindful of every choice that you make and become responsible for all the information you allow yourself to consume. These habits will make navigating information overloads during this retrograde period easier. As you begin to allow yourself to receive access to this new information, don't forget to remain close to your authentic self, despite the numerous messes that you may encounter during this retrograde. Become comfortable with surrendering to the Universe and allowing this time to work for you as you plant your seeds.

Crystals to get you through this retrograde: Lapis, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Fluorite & Sodalite


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