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Lost Or Broken Gemstones

No matter how hard we try to safeguard our precious gemstones, the reality is that most gemstones, at some point, will either go missing or break - which is not actually a bad sign. In fact, when you lose your gemstones or they break on you, it’s a tell-tale sign of something greater. When either of these things happen, our gemstones are most likely teaching us a powerful lesson by leaving us.

What it means:

Lost or broken gemstones happen for a variety of reasons. An important preface to understanding why they do go missing or break on us is that only we can truly know why our particular gemstone is leaving us in this lifetime. It’s up to us to tune into the energy and lessons of the gemstone in order to understand its deeper meaning in our lives.

Common reasons for why our gemstones go missing or break is that either they’ve served their purpose in our journey or that they are full and ready to be released. We may have learned all the lessons that the gemstone was meant to teach us and the intention for which it came into our life may have been completed.

Another reason is that perhaps the gemstone absorbed an energy that was too powerful and harmful. Instead of you taking on that energy and absorbing it, the gemstone may have taken the blow for it and disappeared with the energy itself, or broke because it was too powerful to handle. By doing this, the gemstone acts as a shield protector for your aura.

Lastly, gemstones may go missing or break if they were simply not meant for us. Perhaps the intention with which the crystal was charged wasn’t right for us or perhaps we weren’t ready for the lessons it brings. A lack of alignment with our gemstone will also remove it from our life.

What to do with a broken gemstone:

Again, it’s important to check-in with your own feelings about a broken gemstone. If you feel that you’re not ready to release the gemstone, you can cleanse the broken pieces with palo santo, sage, or incense, and keep it. Otherwise, you can release the broken gemstone.

If you are ready to release the gemstone, give it back to the earth. You can either bury it into the soil or release it into a body of water, like a lake or the ocean. After all, gemstones are a gift to us from Mother Earth - it's only right that after they have fulfilled their purpose, they are returned to their original source.

The big lesson of a lost or broken gemstone:

One word–detachment. While gemstones can be supportive in helping us learn more about ourselves, overcome obstacles, and embrace new lessons, we have to remember that gemstones are not responsible for all the above, but are simply facilitating the process. Remembering that we are the ones in the driver seat of our healing journey is important when using gemstones within that journey. If detachment is a lesson that you have a hard time embracing, then even the losing or breaking of a gemstone is an act of love in teaching you that lesson.

Release, in order to receive.



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