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Hunter's Moon 2021

This month's Full Moon lands in the energetic sign of Aries on October 20th and may bring some overwhelming vibrational shifts. A lot of us may be feeling stretched to our physical, mental and spiritual limits. However, sometimes it takes to be pushed to your limits in order to know and understand your boundaries. The New Moon earlier this month was all about helping us elevate our throat chakras by forcing us to slow down and connect with our subconscious minds. This theme continues into this month's Full Moon, as we may feel the need to slow down towards the end of the month.

Mars, Pluto, and Eris (tiny planet located after Pluto) are all active under this Full Moon, creating what we call a T-Square. This alignment can stir up a bunch of tension, and unresolved trauma, hence, the overwhelming vibrational shifts. These planets bring this uneasy energy as a lesson, in order to show us sometimes that we are operating from the ego, instead of the soul. If you have been feeling heated or tense lately, take this as a sign to re-evaluate your attachment to the situation. What did you give power to, in order to heighten your emotions? Mars is the planet of energy, and when it's highly active like it is now, it's a good time to tap into your warrior spirit in order to defeat any fears that may still be lingering.

A common theme most of us are experiencing this year is death and rebirth. The death of our old selves, lower vibrational selves, to the rebirth of us as high vibrational beings. Whenever you are faced with an anxious decision, ask yourself if you are operating as the older version of you. If you are, stop yourself to re-evaluate the scenario and ask in reflection, how can I operate as my new, higher self? In order to do this, you may need to let go or detach from somethings or someone. Detachment comes from the understanding that you are not in control, you are only a part of the experience.

With attachment, comes energy blockage. Maybe, your inner circle has changed, but you're still repeating the same experiences with them. Or, you are not receiving the results you are wanting, which is causing to you feel as if you are stuck in life. Ask yourself, what can I change in these situations that I do have control over, such as my behaviours, thoughts or actions. Your energy is your power and if your power is low, your functions will be slow. When you're functioning at a slow level, you may not be progressing. When you're not progressing, it's easier to become insecure and attached to the old version of you that once was progressing.

The Hunter's Moon received its name from the Indigenous tribes, as it was traditionally a time for tribes to hunt and preserve meat for the upcoming cold winter months. Do as our ancestors did, and prepare for the upcoming months by preserving and recharging your energy. Repeating old habits will not help us evolve. It is only when we surrender that we truly evolve.



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