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Hunter's Moon

This month brings not one, but two Full Moons! The Hunter Full Moon falls in the sign of Aries on October 1st, while the Blue Moon falls in the sign of Taurus on October 31st. Two Full Moons in one month can only mean one thing, a whole lot of cleansing energy. This energy will be coming to the surface this month, as a way for us to be birthed into a new light. 2020 has brought a lot of tension, emotions and change to people all over the world, however, this Full Moon has the power to amplify all of this. As we fall into the last couple of months of this heavy year, we are clearing up energy from not only this year, but for our past and future generations as well.

Aries, a fire sign and Mars as its ruling planet, brings raging vibrations. Some of us may feel the effects of this dramatic energy, however, remind yourself in any circumstance that with fire, comes water. Therefore, there is a strong healing presence for whatever flows our way, depending on where we put our focus.

Focus is incredibly important during this time, as this can make or break our vibration patterns. The stronger our mindset and willpower is, the easier it will be to reach a higher state of consciousness. Trust that whatever unfolds in your life is for the highest good, even through disaster, there is always a bigger picture and a higher purpose.

The Hunter Moon received its name from the Indigenous tribes, as it was traditionally a time for tribes to hunt and preserve meat for the upcoming cold winter months. Do as our ancestors did, and prepare for the upcoming months. Repeating old habits will not help us evolve, especially with everything that is currently happening. We must keep ourselves in a vibration of unity rather than separation. In any circumstance, be the person that helps those see the light within them. The more light that shines, the less darkness can get through. When we work together, we have infinite potential, and nothing can get in between that. We were all put on this Earth to make this planet a better place. When humans unite, that is when we are at our most powerful position.

Your soul chose to be here, at this time, in this century, for a reason. We are responsible for leaping our planet into the next stage of its consciousness, and your soul is coming along for that ride. We are all apart of this higher purpose. Better and brighter things are on the horizon.

You may feel a strong wave of tense energy this month, but do not let your focus get off track for this moment that you have been working all year towards. It is time for us to move this planet into its next dimension. This is our responsibility, as occupants of the Earth. Stay grounded, stay balanced, stay centred. It is almost time to fly.




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