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How To Energetically Cleanse Yourself

Humans are energetic beings with energetic bodies. We give and receive energy all day, every day. Whenever we interact with someone or something, there is an energetic exchange. You can’t see energy, but you can definitely feel it. Everyone has the ability to feel and sense energy, though some may be more perceptive and intuitive than others at sensing it. Energy is impactful and it has consequences– both good and bad. While energy is nothing to be afraid of, there are tons of ways you can be mindful of your own energy and the energy of other things and people around you. And because we’re giving and receiving energy all the time, it’s important to check in on your energy reservoirs often. Upon checking in, you might find that there is energy that you’d like to release. There are tried and tested ways to do just that.

Why You Might Want To Release Energy

Have you every felt like you were experiencing emotions that didn’t feel like your own? Or perhaps you spent time with someone and immediately after you parted, you felt heavier than before you arrived? Maybe you left someone’s home and came back feeling sick. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something felt off. All of these are tell tale signs that you’ve absorbed energy that is not yours. You might feel the need to release the energy and cleanse yourself of it.

You may also want to release energy if you are ready to let go of someone or something. Whether it was a relationship, an environment, or some sort of conflict, when you are ready to let go of whatever was previously binding, you may called to release. In this case, cleansing your energy of the past might be something you crave.

Most of all, you may feel called to cleanse your energy when stepping into something new. Whether it’s a new living arrangement, new relationship, or new chapter in life, cleansing your energy and starting fresh might be a desire.

Energy Cleansing 101

When we cleanse our energy, we’re releasing any stagnant energy in our own energy fields. We’re quite literally cleaning and purging out any energy that does not serve us. Think of it as taking a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and wiping everything down until it’s shiny and new. Often, we’re asking any energy that does not serve us to return back to its rightful owner. I like to repeat the following mantra whenever I am cleansing my energy:

I ask that any energy that does not serve me or support me, my loved ones, or the greater good to return back to its rightful owner with love & light.

Returning energy back to its rightful owner with love and light ensures that you are boosting your own energy field in the process.

Ways To Cleanse Your Energy

The following are different ways that you can cleanse your energy. You might connect with and resonate with some more than others.

  • Smoke is a common method for cleansing and it’s an ancient practice among many cultures. Incense and Palo Santo are two of the most common forms of smoke cleansing. While many use Sage to cleanse, it’s important to recognize that the practice of using Sage, called Smudging, is an Indigenous practice and a ritual performed by elders and members. You can use smoke to cleanse your own energy, the energy of a room or space, or objects.

  • Water is also a common method for cleansing. Turn your showers into regular cleansing rituals, where the water is removing any energy that does not serve you. You may also choose to soak in a bath and imagine that when the water is drained from the bath, it’s also draining any energy that does not serve you. I like to add bath salts to my bath, as salt is also a great energy cleanser. Water can also cleanse objects of stagnant energy, such as your clothes or water-safe crystals.

  • Crystals/gemstones can also aid in the cleansing of energy. Gemstones have an energy of their own and there are specific crystals that have naturally cleansing properties. Common crystals that are excellent for cleansing are Selenite, Obsidian, Onyx, Tourmaline, Amethyst and Clear Quartz. The best way to cleanse your energy with crystals is to hold the crystal in your hand and imagine it sucking negative energy like a vacuum. You can also use them proactively as shields before entering spaces that you know will bring you down. You may also choose to scatter the gemstones across your space and imagine them regularly picking up on any energy that does not serve you.

  • Frequency music can also assist in clearing out your energy field of any low energy. You can find frequency music on YouTube, major streaming platforms like Apple Music or Spotify, and even on wellness apps like the Insight Timer App.

  • Breathing is probably the easiest, most effective way of cleansing your energy field. It’s also the practice that is most accessible and readily available to us all. With every exhale, imagine yourself releasing any energy that does not serve you. With every inhale, imagine breathing in lighter energy, good vibes, and love. It’ll automatically make you feel like you’ve cleansed and released.

Benefits Of Energy Cleansing

When we clear and cleanse our energetic fields of energy that does not serve us, we feel more aligned and attuned to our emotions. We’re able to feel our feelings, without the influence of others. As well, we move through the world feeling more secure, grounded, and peaceful. When we carry the energy of others, we’re likely to make decisions and react in ways that do not serve us. More than anything, it keeps our vibration and spirits high, more open to joy, and feeling healthier and happier.

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