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Gemstones For Each Day Of The Week

Have you ever wondered where to begin when implementing gemstones and crystals into your weekly routine? Crystals and gemstones are renowned for their specific and powerful healing energies. Many stones correspond vibrationally with the days of the week, and can be used to add more value to your day. The days of the week were originally named after the Sun, Moon and five other planets. Utilizing the correct gemstones for each day will allow you to tune into the energy of the corresponding planet in order to manifest that energy into your desired state. The planets that the days are named after can vary based on the culture. For example, the Greeks, Romans, and Germanic people associate the days of the week with their Gods. Wearing crystals or holding gemstones is a way to connect deeper to your desires. These stones can aid to ease your day, and allow you to work more easily through all that comes to you.

Monday is considered the Moon’s Day. Pearl is associated with Monday as it’s often connected with purity, longevity and fertility. The ideal stones for this day are Selenite, Howlite and Moonstone. The moon is a beautiful energetic medium to help you connect deeply to your intuition, emotions and feminine divine power. It is powered by the root chakra and allows us to anchor into our stability. The Moon rules our mind and body, in order to create balance amongst mankind. Allowing yourself to indulge in abundance aligns perfectly with the energy of this day, pushing you into peace, harmony, and solutions to unforeseen problems. This is a great day to release in order to clear any blockages that are preventing you from diving deeper into your intuition. Tuesday is ruled by Mars. The ideal stones for this day are Red Jasper, Hematite, and Carnelian. This is an incredible day to focus on your passion and motivation. This day is powered by our third eye chakra and holds the ability to open your sixth sense using its power correctly. This is a day that favours creativity and newness, however, it holds heavy masculine energy being ruled by Mars, therefore, it can affect all the various signs differently. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Citrine is a great stone for this day, to raise your vibrations as an inventor and connecting with your health. Aventurine and Agate are also great for connecting with the planet Mercury. Mercury allows you to open up your throat chakra to find your destiny and fate. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Aquamarine are perfect for cultivating wisdom and leadership. This is a day of learning, wisdom, and doing new things. It attracts luck greatly for those that seek it. This is an important day to connect to your solar plexus chakra and to seek the main intentions behind your desires.

Friday is ruled by Venus and is connected greatly to Rose Quartz. This is a great day to manifest love, and raise your heart's electromagnetic vibration. Jade and Malachite are also ideal stones to connect to Venus and deep desires for abundance. Venus on a Friday, with the help of the heart chakra, allows you to dissolve any pain or blocked emotions.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn and is deeply connected to Black Tourmaline and Obsidian. This is a more energetically charged time to connect to your virtuous and honour your pride in a healthy way. It is powered by the sacral chakra and can be considered one of the most important days of the week. It is said to be one of the most vital days to manifest with crystals, as Saturn holds the power of productivity, creativity and action. You will be presented with abundance and your manifestations will be successful if you yearn with truth in your heart on Saturday. It’s a strong day to begin new opportunities or to make decisions.

Sunday is the Sun’s Day, and is deeply connected to Sunstone, Tigers Eye, Topaz and Gold. This is a great day to connect to your masculine energy in order to heal. It is a day that is powered by your crown chakra. The Sun’s Day is the day that rejuvenates and revitalizes the universe; everything revolves around the Sun and physically without it there would be no life. Therefore, Sunday should be the source of all your plans. It’s the perfect day to begin, whatever is on your mind! Gemstones and crystals can be very grounding on this day, providing you with courage while also humbling your energy.

Simply put, the universe breathes different energy every day. By wearing gemstones based on each day of the week, with respect to the planet it influences, you can grow a greater connection with the universe in order to attract your desired manifestations.




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