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Creating Your Sacred Space

The space around you and the safe space that you create to allow your energy to flow can look different for everyone. Getting a glimpse inside someone’s sacred space can really give you an insight into a whole new side of them; it’s the space that their soul can call home. This past year we have all been anchored to our homes. It may have not been a necessity in the past to have a sacred safe space, but having an area that allows us to connect with our souls and the Universe has grown importance. The principles of Vastu explain that everything at its most subtle level is energy and interconnected through all five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Balancing all of these elements within your sacred space or home will support you immensely as you deepen your spiritual practice.

A key focus of your sacred space should be how the energy feels. This is the place that you leave all the chaos of the world to go inward and heal, restoring your mind - body - and soul. This doesn’t need to become an overwhelming task to find an entire designated room, it can be incorporated into your current living space and as a specific area that is dedicated to elevating your energy. For your sacred space, try to incorporate as much natural light to boost wellness and create a stronger sense of well-being. The creation of a sacred space can give you the chance to communicate with your highest self, spirit guides and manifestations in a clear and powerful way. Closing off the noise of the world outside your space allows you to concentrate on the real you. Remember, the outer of your space is always a reflection of your inner, keep it simple and tidy to allow your thoughts to flow just as clearly. Consider all of your senses when organizing your space: what are the things that make you feel calm or at peace?

How To Set The Tone & Cleanse

Some of our favourite recommendations for your sacred space: crystal wands, crystal candles with natural essential oil and incense. Having elements of a sacred space at your work area, or designating a specific sacred space / alter will allow you to enhance and support your meditation, work flow, and to balance daily stressors. It’s been known that the design elements surrounding you can greatly affect your mood, energy, and alignment. In the wise words of CoCo Chanel, “an interior is the natural projection of the soul.”

As you set the tone of your area and begin choosing crystals for your sacred space, always look for the stones that resonate with your spirit and intentions. Crystals have a strong connection to the Earth and have been utilized for many years to absorb toxins, making them incredible energy purifiers. Meditating with gemstones with various colours and healing properties, in your palms, allows for an over-all chakra cleanse. Doing these practices in a sacred place will help to enhance these healing therapies greatly. Charging your crystals on window sill, or during a Full Moon will refresh and rejuvenate the energy in your space. Tip: The action of lighting a crystal candle at the beginning of your practice helps to signify a connection to a higher source and makes clear to your spirit that you are about to transition into a meditative mind state.


Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual that was established by the Indigenous tribes. Traditionally, it is a ceremony for purifying or cleansing a space from negative energy, in order to promote healing. Releasing the energy that does not serve you is incredibly important in this space, therefore, cleansing this space is equally as important. A quick cleansing ritual can be preformed to refresh the energy in your space. Our favourite cleansing combination is to utilize sage and Palo Santo wood together. Tip: ensure a window nearby is open to allow the energy to fully release from your space. If you're sensitive to smoke or can’t burn these items in your space, you can add Palo Santo or Sage essential oils to purified water. This can be used as a cleansing spray and can be further infused with Black Tourmaline or Selenite for elevated healing properties. For the best gem essence, place your stones in a bowl of purified water and leave the stones outside for 24 hours to allow their energy to become activated by both sunlight and moonlight. We also recommend the use of crystal candles to elevate the energetic charge of your sacred space and to manifest your intentions clearly. Tip: Sandalwood is especially beneficial when wanting to enter a meditative state.

Sound Healing

The use of sound is a beautiful element to allow yourself to connect on a deeper level, especially if you find a hard time focusing. Sound healing is an ancient form of therapy used to promote relaxation and offer powerful vibrations. Sound healing synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies. Purifying sounds can be used in your sacred space by utilizing a singing bowl, chakra healing frequencies, a bell, or even just your hands to break up stagnant energy. Utilizing high-frequency music helps to send pleasure producing chemicals throughout your body to bring your mind into a deeper meditative state. Over time the action of constantly meditating, journaling, praying, or whatever your healing work looks like, allows the energy to compound and build in this specific space. The aura and energy encapsulating this area will automatically bathe over you when you enter this sacred space because your mind subconsciously will become triggered to recognize this as a space of relief or comfort. The candles, crystals or items you choose to decorate your space will also hold this energy for you. Be sure to keep your space organized and appealing to your visual senses, this is the area you will take time to transform in. Set a clear intention with the energy you wish to welcome in your sacred space and become ready to live at the highest vibrations as you connect with your highest self.




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