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Cord Cutting: How To Release

As we navigate through life, there are many periods of growth, learning and evolving that we experience. Most often, these experiences show us what we must let go of and/or what no longer serves us. Letting go allows us to create space, this space allows room for even greater possibilities.

Practicing a cord-cutting meditation is an incredible way to visualize yourself fully releasing any low vibrational behaviour, circumstances or people in your life. Doing this type of meditation regularly can aid in healing your physical health, repair your aura, shift your relationships and improve your overall energy.

It’s an energetic process that allows you to cut any energetic ties that somebody has to you. This practice helps to recover energy that has been lost, and to re-establish healthy boundaries. Every time you connect with another human, whether it’s a quick conversation or a deep relationship, you form energetic cords between you and that person. Energetic cords aren’t necessarily a bad thing, as it allows us to understand each other more deeply and tune into one another, however, when the attachment becomes too strong it can have negative outcomes. These cords keep you connected to that person regardless of the distance.

When we become attached to another person, or a specific situation, we can form a strong subconscious cord. People can energetically attach themselves to you regardless of who they are in your life, and without you even realizing. When they are coming from a place of low vibration, it can hold negative energy that shifts your ability to elevate or feel charged. This attachment can feel like immense weight and may be why a certain person weighs heavy on your mind, or could be why everything seems to go a little left.

Sometimes this attachment is powered from a place of not being able to forgive someone, or move through a specific situation, therefore, it creates an energetic (and mental) cord with them from a place of low energy. In order to clear the negative energy, we must first fall into a safe place of understanding that forgiveness aids in your detachment more than allowing it to fuel your ego.

The cord cutting meditation isn’t only for people who are no longer in your life or you wish to create distance from. Many times, the cords are attached to people that you feel deeply for. By practicing this meditation, it does not mean that you’re necessarily cutting this person out of your life. It’s all about your intention, and the intention during this meditation is to cut any negative cords between yourself and anyone in this lifetime. You can even take control of cutting a cord that feels positive but curates a needy attachment. For example, if you have an incredible friendship but feel like you depend on them for too much then this is a great meditation to ground yourself back home into your root. It allows you to enjoy your relationships for what they are, without allowing your energy to become influenced by your relationships.

This practice not only helps you, but also helps the person on the other end. When someone is cut from your energy source, the need for them to create their own energy becomes intensified - allowing both of you to recharge and elevate. Often times, when we cut cords with people we tend to notice that the both sides become more independent and accomplish much more while bettering the relationship. It’s important to remember to not be anyone’s energetic crutch; the best thing we can do is teach each other how to work with our own energy source.

Cord Cutting Meditation:

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breath as you fall into a meditative state. As you breathe in, place your hand on your stomach and allow bright light to expand in every breath. Breathe out and release any negativity as you let go of the things in your mind.

Once you enter a state of calmness, keep your eyes closed and sense a light above your head. Imagine a channel of white light going from your head upwards into the Universe. Know that this light is here to support you, guide you and protect you. Ask this channel of light to fill your entire body with love and positive energy, filling your head, throat, chest, arms, hands, belly, legs, and feet onto the ground around you. Keep the light flowing through you and connect it down through the ground to the centre of the Earth.

Invite your spirit guides and the Universe to bring you wisdom or clarity during this moment. In your mind’s eye, focus on visualizing this guide or protector cutting the cord for you with a pair of cosmic scissors. Invite and welcome this protective being or presence to cut this cord on your behalf. Ask them to go down the list, feel your body and visualize your detachment with ease. Say out loud “I ask you to cut the cords now, that no longer serve me”, allowing your protectors to provide you with a sense of peace and support.

Once you visualize the cord being cut, send light to the person on the other end to wish them a blessing. Ask the light to heal any fear based agendas or negativity that may have been in your space. Allow your guides to recharge you, affirming that you have everything you need. Let any dense energies be cleared from your space, sending them up and giving them to a higher power.

Feel gratitude in your heart, and allow the light to keep you vibrant. Thank your protectors, guides and the Universe for guiding you. When you practice this regularly, the detachment will free you to change your energy and lift any weight off your shoulders to release negativity.

This is a practice that will heal you, serve you, and allow you to elevate in beautiful ways. It isn’t just a visualization practice, but an energy shift that allows you to support yourself independently.

Release, in order to receive.


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