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Cold Moon 2021

The last Full Moon of this magical year lands on December 18th in the sign of Gemini and happens to also be directly opposite of the Galactic Center, which is believed to be the heart of our universe. The Galactic Center holds the strongest, most enchanting energy in our cosmic energetic field. With a Full Moon being in alignment with this, we are in for a powerful shift before the New Year. What we focus on during this time will allow us to dive deeper into a higher state of consciousness and growth.

Think back to the intentions you set at the beginning of this month during the Solar Eclipse. Those intentions will now begin to cook under this Full Moon and into the New Year. Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance and prosperity, is active during this Full Moon, meaning it will be working hard to magnify the intentions we set earlier this month. Although things may seen a bit stagnant during this time, it is because we are guided to focus on our inner growth in order to prepare for the outer growth (and abundance). Think back to what you manifested during Eclipse season, how attached or detached are you from this? As we begin to expand our perspective, we begin to expand our abilities in order to attract more opportunities.

The sign of Gemini is represented by twins; one twin is mortal while the other is immortal. This signify's the balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds, the yin and yang energy - the body and the soul. It's important to be able to connect and disconnect to both parts, as once we learn to detach, we allow ourselves to make space for more. During this past year we used one side more than the other in order to navigate through any obstacles that were thrown at us. Going into 2022, we are required to use both energy fields, equally. We cannot manoeuvre through life with one more than the other, as being able to operate through both allows us to find balance in everything and anything that we do.

The day after this Full Moon, Venus goes into retrograde. Venus is the planet of love, relationships and beauty. A combination of this retrograde, and the Galactic Center's alignment with the Full Moon will put full focus on love and relationships; specifically the relationship we have with ourselves and what we value. To add to this, Venus will be stationing its retrograde close to Pluto, which is the planet of power and creativity. From now until the end of the year, use these energies to help you connect deeper with your heart chakra and allow yourself to make decisions from that source. It is only when we clear the way that we can use our heart chakra to guide us through and to our soul purpose.

Our brothers and sisters of the Indigenous tribes named this months moon the Cold Moon, considering this was the coldest month of the year for them. During this month, the winter cold fastens its grip, as nights are at their longest and darkest. Use this down time to clear your pathway for a powerful and abundance filled year. We began this journey way back in 2012, and a decade later we are coming full circle with our power and our purpose. If you thought 2021 was a ride, get ready to buckle up for 2022 - as the healers are in power now and so this new chapter of enlightenment beings.

Bless 2021.



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