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Cold Moon

Today marks the final Full Moon of the year and this decade. Our brothers and sisters of the Indigenous tribes named this months moon the Cold Moon, considering it comes in the coldest month. During this month, the winter cold fastens its grip, as nights are at their longest and darkest.

On December 12th at 12:12am EST, our beautiful moon will be at its peak as it moves into Gemini. It is no coincidence that the final Full Moon of this decade is encompassed in the divine number sequence of 12/12. We are being blessed with the clarity to see life for what it really is, a purpose. The universe has prepared us for this moment, as the incredibly powerful energy that we are about to receive is the abundance that we will experience in 2020.

The sign of Gemini is the sign of the twins. We may find that things will unfold in multiples, and two areas of our lives may be highlighted during this time. It's easy to get emotional during this time of the year, therefore, if you find yourself feeling more than usual except these emotions with open arms. With the holiday season AND the end of a decade coming our way, this month is dedicated to embracing and releasing. Let the light of the higher power into your hearts during this time. Embrace your emotions with open arms and say goodbye to what no longer serves you.

The end of this decade comes at us with major cosmic vibrations. There is strong healing energy around this Full Moon as just after it peaks, Chiron, the asteroid of healing will go direct after being retrograde since July 8th, 2019. The Geminid meteor shower will peak on the evening of December 13th - 14th. It is the best meteor shower of the year as it can bring up to 120 meteors per hour. This year, though, the Full Moon will contest the shower and could wash out the fainter meteors. 

December 21st marks the start of Winter Solstice and Capricorn season. Followed by that, there is a Solar Eclipse taking place between December 25th - 26th. The Eclipse will bring a new wave of consciousness and will increase the power of our manifestations. Lastly, on December 27th Jupiter will be align with the Sun, which will radiate positive vibes and a larger than life feeling.

Take this time to reflect, and be present. Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Namaste 2019.


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