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Buck Moon 2021

This month brings us a rare Full Moon portal, as we will be experiencing the first of two Full Moon's in the visionary sign of Aquarius on July 24th. Having two Aquarian Full Moons back to back will work in harmony to bring major healing energies in order to raise our vibration and consciousness. Aquarius, an air sign, is represented by the water bearer. The water bearer holds the gift to be able to collect water, which represents the emotions of this world, symbolically giving life/spiritual food to the world. The water from the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. This strong Aquarius energy will motivate many of us to be creative and innovative in a new way.

The common theme for both Full Moons in Aquarius is change. We will be called to shift our directions, plans or thought patterns. By doing so, this allows us with the ability to re-evaluate and expand on areas in our lives that may not be working for us at the moment. This transformative energy is also present as Pluto is active under this Full Moon. Pluto is the planet of change, death and rebirth. Full Moons bring us endings and completions, so you can only imagine how intense this vibration will be. Some of us have already began to feel it as Venus and Mars came together in the sign of Leo. These two planets combined help us to balance our yin yang alignment, as well as to cleanse out any low vibrational energy.

The best way to navigate through this portal is to be proactive with this type of energy by asking yourself what you would like to change. The journey is where the answers come, and that may come with time. However, by putting it out into the universe, you are allowing yourself to be open and curious to new possibilities and opportunities. Aquarius energy is revolutionary and likes to do things differently. It encourages us to step outside of the box and to turn things upside down and inside out in order to find a new and better way. Embrace this quality when and if it comes to you, as it will allow you to break free of hold habits and behaviours.

While this month's Full Moon may cause some serious change, just remember that this is all temporary. We will find ourselves feeling lighter and more free as we learn to release all that no longer serves us. The more in tune you are, the more energy you will feel from the planetary shifts and the solar system. Your body, mind and soul will eventually feel overwhelmed with all of the downloads it's receiving. Take this time to release and do some energy healing work (reiki, sound bath, breathe-work, meditation, yoga) in order to guide your spirit and nurture your soul. Working with crystals and being in nature is also very crucial during this time.

The Buck Moon received its name from the Algonquin Native Americans, as July was a time when the young buck’s antlers began to grow. As change is in the air, allow yourself to grow during this time. Growth puts us in places we have never been before and as we shift our direction to rebirth it will help us become closer to our higher selves.




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