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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2022

Welcome to the second Eclipse of the year, which lands in the sign of Scorpio on May 15th. While a Solar Eclipse is said to bring new beginnings and a fresh start, a Lunar Eclipse represents endings and turning points. A Lunar Eclipse appears when the Earth stands in between the Moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. During this time, the Moon appears, red/orange and larger than usual. A Lunar Eclipse is said to hold three times more potent energy than a regular Full Moon.

Eclipses are powerful because they bring major transformative shifts. In between both Eclipses we kicked off the second Mercury Retrograde of the year, as well as Jupiter entering Aries. This entire alignment represents a fresh new start into the collective consciousness and pushes us to think about new beginnings, as the energy from these cosmic shifts are highly active and innovative. Eclipses work to activate our soul contracts and lead us back on track to what needs to be fulfilled.

The sign of Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, a creature known for its ability to transform itself and shed its layers. Scorpio energy cycles around death and rebirth, so it only makes sense that the theme of endings and closing chapters is heavy during this time. Under this Lunar Eclipse, think about what emotional, physical, mental and spiritual skin you should be shedding.

A lot of us will feel super sensitive during this time and might even feel or sense signs of a breakdown (or breakthrough). Keep pushing! Remember that in order to make space for new, you must release the hold. It's said that Full Moons are an ideal time to manifest and plan - but under this Full Moon and Eclipse season, give yourself the permission to slow down and rest. You will feel gently guided to allow yourself to be present in every moment - even when things may feel like a mess. Try not to let any feeling during this time bypass or overcome you and ground yourself into every moment you embrace.

Mars and Neptune are also in alignment under this Eclipse. The planet Mars represents fearlessness and warrior-driven energy, whereas Neptune is all about a higher love and connection. Both planets are guiding us to focus on our spiritual connection and intuitive abilities under this Eclipse. Another Blood Moon Eclipse will take place in November of this year, in the sign of Taurus (during Scorpio season - exact opposite of what's happening this month). These two Eclipses will work together to bring an entire new awakening to our consciousness, so pay attention to what happens during this month, as the next Eclipse may end up being a reflection of that.

Remember that everything is not happening to you, it's happening for you. Perspective is everything, allow yourself to see, fully.



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