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Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse 2021

This month's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is the longest partial Lunar Eclipse since 1440, so you can only imagine the kind of energy it will bring. An eclipse represents portals of transformation and awakening, they help to elevate the evolution and growth of our souls. This month was a spiritual reset for many of us, as our heart chakras were awaken by this powerful vibration. In order to accept this new vibration, we were guided to create space. This space comes from our relationships, with ourselves and with those in our lives. Once we understand how temporary everything is, we begin to understand the necessity as to why it needs to be temporary. If things were permanent, we would not look elsewhere for change. With change, comes growth and with growth comes evolution.

Under this full moon, the planet Venus is active at the time of this eclipse, as it is the natural ruler of Taurus. Venus is the planet of love, compassion and prosperity. It's connected to the Divine Feminine Energy and forces us to focus on what fulfills us. Balancing the cycle of giving and receiving is key during this time, as whatever you choose to release or to give right now will move you forward. In addition to this, Venus will be in its shadow phase before it goes into retrograde in Capricorn on December 19th (exactly a month after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse). This is an ideal time to gain more security by nurturing your needs and truly connecting to your higher self.

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse is the first in a series of eclipses that will take place on the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The remainder of these eclipses will take place over the course of the next two years. Taurus is a grounded and practical earth sign, while Scorpio is an emotional but passionate water sign. Once these energies merge, we will begin to understand the boundaries that are needed in order to move forward with our growth.

In a Lunar Eclipse, the sun momentarily blocks the illumination that creates a full moon. This is a representation of our emotional cycle and allowing our shadow side to reveal what is hidden in our subconscious or what's holding us back. The moon holds a strong spiritual connection to our emotions, therefore, when the shadow passes over the moon, thus the illumination of our emotional being, there is an opportunity to reveal and transform our current emotional and spiritual state.

Beavers are smart nocturnal creatures that use the light of the Full Moon to build their habitats. This time of year was named the Beaver Moon after the Algonquin tribes, as they would set beaver traps in order to secure their supply of winter fur.

As you transition to the higher version of you, awaken your power by remembering who you are. Connect to your heart chakra and use that to progress you in all that you do, as love will always guide the way.




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