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Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse

The final Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of the year takes place on November 30th in the sign of Gemini and it brings influential and powerful energy. Eclipses are said to bring destined events our way that are aligned with our highest growth in mind. Lunar Eclipses illuminate areas of our lives that need to be cleared and swept away, as they shine a light on all that which no longer serves us. The energy from this months Full Moon will help us surrender and let go of things that we may have been holding on to, as it is a time for us to shed another layer. This energy shedding can leave us feeling vulnerable, uneasy or uncertain of what is to come. However, always keep in mind that out with the old, comes in with the new, as a brighter season is ahead. Trust that there is a Divine purpose to what is now no longer in your life.

Eclipses tend to bring destined events our way that are aligned with our highest growth in mind. During this Lunar Eclipse, if something or someone decides to exit from your life, let it. Trust that there is purpose to it leaving, and that purpose is prepare you for even greater vibrations. When we vibrate on a higher frequency, that which vibrates on a lower frequency can not affect us. Under the influence of this Eclipse, we will also be guided to step into our Divine Feminine energy. This energy is not based on genders, but more so based on the freedom of expression, emotional release and creativity, as it will shine light in a new direction of growth.

This Full Moon Eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini, therefore, we can use the symbolism of the twins to guide us through these lunar energies. In ancient mythology, the twins (the Gemini symbol) were said to represent both the tangible world and intangible world. One twin was from this Earth, while the other was not. This symbolism signifies both the human and the being that makes us human beings. It reminds us that we are not just a physical body but a soul as well.

Under this Eclipse, our mind, body and soul will feel shifted. As an air sign, Gemini has the power to rule our minds and our minds have the power to create. Sometimes we create too much inside of our heads, which may lead to overthinking. The symbolism of the twins reminds us that we have both the physical and spiritual sides, and it is up to us to find that balance between them; the balance between the heart and the ego.

As for the name Beaver Moon; Beavers are smart nocturnal creatures that use the light of the Full Moon to build their habitats. It is also said that this time of year was named the Beaver Moon after the Algonquin tribes, as they would set beaver traps in order to secure their supply of winter fur.

Take this time to nurture yourself. Bring warmth and comfort to your soul, as it is about to go through yet another shift. Tis the season.




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