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Beaver Blood Moon Eclipse 2022

Welcome to one of the greatest astrological events of the year! This month's Full Moon is a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse that takes place in the grounding sign of Taurus on November 8th. As the final Eclipse of the year, this month's Full Moon brings us waves of transformative energy that is here to shift us in to higher states of consciousness. By shifting into a higher state, the evolution of your souls journey will become deeper. Earlier this year in May we experienced our first Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Go back to that time in your life and recall any transformations or decisions that took place. What was the greatest lesson you encountered during that time? This will indicate what this month has in store for you, as both Eclipses are connected to your soul path and karmic destiny.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Full Moon enters the shadow of Earth, in direct alignment with the sun and earth causing the Moon’s illumination to dim. Eclipses are essentially intense Full Moon energy that we feel much deeper. If you are someone that is usually affected by planetary alignments (as most of us that are reading this are), it's a good idea to take some down time, focus on recharging and realigning with your manifestations and prioritizing self care. The more time you take to process through this Eclipse season, the more prepared you will be during these evolutionary events that occur.

Eclipses are known to having a purging effect on your life; this could be physically, mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally. Stay hydrated and stay healthy, as you will be pushed to release all that no longer serves you during this time. The purge could look like losing people in your life that no longer align with your journey (or are toxic). It could look like a sudden inspiration to start a new job, passion and/or hobby. It could also look like peeling back layers of unhealed trauma that needs to take place in order to allow you to move forward. Whatever the purge looks like for you, allow it to happen because it's happening FOR you.

Uranus, the planet of awakening, is very active under this Lunar Eclipse and will aid during this purging season. We may feel inspired to cut the cords of things, relationships and ideas that have kept us back, as Uranus will help to bring these things to the forefront. It's not your job to make sense of any of it, it is just your job to acknowledge it, and then allow it to be released from your life.

Saturn, the planet of Karma, is also active under this Full Moon Eclipse energy too. Saturn helps to shine light on any heaviness in our lives and forces us to deal with our past. It's also no coincidence that this is all taking place during Scorpio season, the season of death and rebirth. Remember that we feel Eclipse energy two weeks prior and after the actual Eclipse takes place, so stay in this mindset of protecting and replenishing your energy for the entire month.

Set your intentions, be clear about your vision and step away from things that you no longer value. THIS is the change you asked for, so embrace it with open arms. Honour your emotions and your environment, as both are the greatest contributors to your mindset.




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