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A Guide To Your Spiritual Awakening

Many of us are currently experiencing a shift in our consciousness. Our minds are becoming open to new ideologies, thoughts or theories about the way we see, feel or understand energy. The term spiritual awakening refers to when the awareness of your individual self heightens, allowing you to make further connections to the present moment and the universe around you. This is the period of your life that you may begin to question your old beliefs, habits, and social conditions, in order to truly begin to see that there is more to life than what’s being taught.

Spiritual awakenings happen as your soul begins to evolve, expand, and mature. The more open you are to the idea of growth, the more connected you will become to your soul, and the more you will experience transformation. Your awakening journey may feel like a roller coaster; at times you'll feel incredibly high and other times you may feel low. This is just a part of the process of coming back to the original self. Awakenings can be triggered by almost anything, most of the time it's triggered by life changing events but can include completely mundane triggers.

Signs that you’re going through a spiritual awakening:

1. You feel detached or disconnected from things you usually enjoy, and question all that is and now isn’t. 2. You begin to observe your patterns and re-evaluate your beliefs by adopting significant new ones causing your priorities to shift. 3. Your dreams are more vivid. 4. You experience more synchronicities and/or déjà vu (seeing angel numbers all the time).

5. Your relationships are shifting as you begin seeing those that do not support this journey or time in your life.

6. You’re more intuitive and begin to feel more in tune with your intuition.

7. You can sense inauthenticity, manipulation or when someone is deceiving you from a mile away.

8. You realize everyone’s on their own path and your egos desire of winning arguments or convincing people of your views matter less.

9. You want to be of service and have the need to live a purposeful life.

10. Your teachers may find you and appear everywhere in perfect timing to help you.

11. You feel alone and isolated as you go through this wave, however, you know that there’s hope and enlightenment on the other side.

12. You feel more connected to the natural world.

13. Your senses are heightened as you become more tuned into the present moment. (This includes sensitivity - physical, emotional, and/or energetic stimuli)

14. You are experiencing sleep disturbance as your subconscious undergo’s these shifts.

15. You may have physical symptoms like fatigue, tiredness or brain fog.

16. There’s a sudden change in your habits and routine as you bring in more activities or decisions that fuel your higher purpose.

17. Your outlook on the world feels different as you shatter all that you once perceived.

18. Increased empathy - as you awaken you become connected to ALL the beings around you and have increased empathy in regards to the suffering of others, which may cause you to feel more called to be of service.

19. You have a new found curiosity, almost like the one of your inner child returning home to you as you increase your curiosity of the world around you.

20. It's easier to let go of attachments and embrace the things that align with your true self.

21. You're finding inner peace that is consistent and cultivated by you regardless of the outside noise or disruption.

22. Removing the fear of death as consciousness is seen as transcending a physical body, the loss of this body feels less tragic.

Practices that can assist in your spiritual awakening and help to elevate your journey:

The following are activities and/or things that you can implement into your life in order to spark and/or make space for an awakening, as you develop a higher sense of connection to your self:

  • Meditate

  • Spend time outdoors

  • Laugh

  • Listen to frequency music

  • Use crystals to raise your vibration and cleanse your aura

  • Declutter and organize your space

  • Practice daily movement (yoga, exercise, dance)

  • Connect with your community (volunteer)

  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude

  • Take pauses throughout the day to breathe and be present

  • Connect with those that spiritually resonate with you or aid in your elevation to expand your knowledge or ability to connect.

  • Attend a reiki session to release any unnecessary energy in your chakras

The process of your spiritual awakening is a long path to enlightenment. The initial awakening is just the spark to a series of steps. The first step is when you begin to question everything and declutter all that does not serve you to allow space for the things that align with your higher self. The second stage is often a rough patch that causes your soul to recalibrate as you navigate this lost period stripped of ego. The third step is the peak of your curiosity to venture with your new awakened perspective. It becomes much easier to embrace your authentic self and the choices that would honour your elevated being.

The fourth step can be the most gruelling and often takes place through divine timing - through trial and error you will structure your life and environment to allow your soul and spirit to thrive as its truest self. This can take different strategies which means that this process may take years, possibly decades to navigate and restart many times. During this time your soul is still growing, healing and allowing you to discover the routines that work for you.

The fifth step is surrendering and releasing any remaining limitations that you’ve set in your mind. As you’ve gotten to know your soul and the lifestyle that works best for you, there still may be things or people you come across that no longer serve your energy. You will fully step into your power once you release them. Finally, during the sixth step you come into a state of awareness and service. Honouring the divinity of your every moment, and allowing life to flow through you with grace will give you clarity on how best to serve your highest purpose. Many times this purpose will be linked with providing service to helping others which is the source of contentment to your elevated being.

We find peace only by rearranging the circumstances of our lives in order to get to know ourselves on a very deep level. Becoming one with the source is the only way for you to become the highest version of you. This experience of rising to your highest state of consciousness is truly what it means to have the full human experience in this realm.

Buckle up, and enjoy the ride.




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