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A Guide to Soul Contracts

Soul contracts often take place before-life, which is the incubation period that your purpose and lessons are seeded into your human experience. Think about every situation that has provided you with a lesson, and think about every human involved within that experience. This person had to take the responsibility of providing you with this lesson, thus, giving you the opportunity to either stand up for yourself or fall down - all being a vital step into your soul evolution. Every human being that you’ve ever met can be thought of as being signed up to help you with your souls evolution. In our childhood we start embracing patterns and schemes of behaviour that begin to establish our blockages and primal wounds, all which we later heal. These are the patterns that bring us our soul contracts, coming into our lives to teach us deeply about ourselves, our purpose and to push our beings. Soul contracts can affect our relationships at a profound level and after meeting each one of these souls we tend to shed into a new version of ourselves.

Soul agreements or contracts derive from the Gaia philosophy, a principle that suggests organisms on a planet interact with their surroundings and affect its nature to make their environment maintainable for the conditions of life. The name of this theory, created by James Lovelock, is based on the Greek goddess of the Earth, Gaia.

Knowing about this theory allows you to become self aware; that everything comes to you for a reason or purpose. The need to rationalize someone’s behaviour lessens as you detach and embrace the idea that other beings are here just to support your souls journey. Soul Contracts teach us to use the pain in relationships to guide us, not make us feel helpless. The process of soul evolution or elevation is essentially ascension. When you ascend, you are rising above your current state, and begin to see the bigger picture of this human experience. This shift in perspective welcomes a new idea of detachment. It embraces the fact that we are all figuring this out together, and ironically, to build each other up we must push one another through these difficult ‘tests’. Everyone’s soul contract looks incredibly different, designed to suit your individual needs and personality. Not every experience that you need to go through is within one single lifetime. Some lessons may have been mastered in the past, while others are for the future.

There’s difficulty in remembering past soul contracts or past life information because every cycle in the human experience is meant to be different, however, we can remember our previous lessons learned by understanding our triggers, which allows our subconscious to navigate quick decisions in this lifetime. Putting it in simple terms, we often forget small details of our day to day life by the very next day - having to remember all of that information to the exact detail would be incredibly overwhelming. Again, this doesn’t mean its completely forgotten because as we know everything that has happened or will happen is energy; which can neither be created nor destroyed. Some refer to this as our Akashic Records, which is like a giant storage of the energy tied within memories or events of all life times.

Now that we know all of this information, let’s use it to transform your life:

Start by analyzing your present situation and current relationships in your life. If you feel stuck or feel as if it's difficult, then think deep down to the root of the lesson that needs to be learned here. It is once you understand the lesson that you can move forward to new experiences. If you show resistance to these lessons, they tend to come back over and over again, with higher intensity or urgency, until the lesson has been learned.

As you begin to spiritually elevate, the Universe will begin to test you. Once you believe that you’ve truly stepped into your purpose of life, the Universe may put forth scenarios in your souls contract where you must display your new acquired skills as your highest self or to meet your highest self. If you haven’t truly mastered these lessons you may respond as an older version of yourself, thus, blocking true progress until you’ve fulfilled your lesson. If it is something that you’ve mastered then these scenarios or tests will no longer have power over you, and you will allow transformation to continue to take place. The biggest test is pushing your willpower and self to not give up, mastering each lesson better as you are provided with new tools or skills to deal with it. It’s the Universe’s way of showing tough love and to communicate that there’s more work to be done in this chapter of life. At this state of spiritual elevation you also become aware of the divinity and power of the Universe, knowing that even during the toughest trials or tests the Universe is simply waiting for you to call into action what tools you need to in order to succeed. As you learn to understand your lessons, don’t be afraid to ask for divine guidance or clarity on how to overcome obstacles you are presented with. It's only when we ask (out loud) that the Universe will clearly hear you, and deliver.

Understanding soul contracts means to also understand the roles you play in other peoples lives. Being ready to provide and give lessons to others will in turn grant you an abundance of opportunity to evolve your soul. It often can come across that you were meant to meet this person, and they usually trigger a journey of self-realization or transformation. Souls that we have contracts with bring major changes into our lives through unique connection. The purpose of soul contracts is to help us heal; to help us discover our divine path - often through darkness or through light.

One of the most beautiful and powerful gifts that can come out of soul contracts is love. One of the most important lessons are soul mate connections, which are karmic partnerships - perhaps a twin flame. They are deemed as powerful because of the transformation potential they have, at times showing us unconditional love by presenting us with challenges as we connect our soul to another. Often when two soul mates or soul contracts come together it’s accompanied by the mission to awaken each others capacity for unconditional love. It’s the challenges met during this time that teach us how to fully love ourselves and another individual. At times our soul contracts are there to challenge our limiting beliefs and to push us towards our divine purpose, The souls we encounter may stimulate our growth and aid in releasing blockages you may not be aware of. This is why we tend to attract relationships with such a variety of different souls. Remember that soul contracts allow us to continue to keep learning about ourselves and help us to become our highest selves.




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