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Sturgeon Moon

The Full Moon today falls cleverly in the sign of Aquarius and is going be shedding a light on what we can do to serve each other.The Native American tribes recognized the August Full Moon as the 'Sturgeon Moon,' because they knew that the sturgeons of the Great Lakes were readily caught during this time of the year. The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer, symbolically and eternally giving life and spiritual energy to the universe. The woman symbolizes the healer in us all and the water symbolizes the heavy emotions, pain, and suffering of the world.

As the water bearer, Aquarius has the natural ability to suppress this negative energy and transform it into light. She does not absorb the water, as she is an air sign, but rather uses her higher consciousness to search for the truth in order to cleanse the water, before returning it to Earth.

We all have the humanitarian Aquarian energy within us, and during this Full Moon we will be guided towards it. Focus on bringing love, light and healing to those around you. Loved ones and strangers. One of the biggest hurdles on the path to enlightenment or higher consciousness is the suffering of the world.

Let's not forget, that one of the greatest gifts of the water bearer is her ability to carry the water without bearing the burden of it. She doesn’t allow herself to get absorbed by the dark emotions, instead she releases them by the light within her. As an air sign, Aquarius is about using her mind, her intellect, and the power of her voice to make a difference.

An Aquarius is not concerned with what's popular, as she is always searching for the higher truth. The truth that goes beyond perspective and into a higher place. Under the energy of this Aquarius Full Moon, think about how you can bring this kind of light into your life, and reflect it into the world.

Great waves of life are flowing all around us at this time. August is a powerful month, full of releasing and reevaluating, everything. It’s time to let go of anything that no longer serves you, in order to make space for the new energies that are coming in at this point in the year. Note: if your relationship with your emotions gets more complicated, it's because a Full Moon in Aquarius means a strong need for emotional freedom.

Working with your higher mind, venturing into your own truth, and walking a path of love, will help you to learn the ways of the water bearer.

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