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Super Snow Moon

Today marks the second of three supermoons to occur in 2019. February's Full Moon is at the closest point in its orbit to the Earth, making it the largest, brightest and strongest Full Moon of the year. Following the lunar month calendar, the Native American tribes traditionally named the February moon as the 'Snow Moon,' since this time of year had the largest amount of snowfall.

This Super Full Moon falls at zero degrees of Virgo. Zero is the number of potential and limitless opportunities. Zero is the blank canvas of all creation, signalling that this Full Moon is really going to offer infinite potential. The energy from this moon will help to broaden our horizons and encourage us to open our minds and hearts to something beyond our current reality.

If you feel as if your attitudes, beliefs or directions have changed since last months Full Moon, don't be alarmed. Many of us have been awakened internally. What your mind may be perceiving as irritating, your soul may be perceiving as what's the lesson that is meant to be learned here? Our emotional range and sense of judgement will be put to test, as looking at the world through our highest sense of self gives us a new perspective, and allows us to see beyond our own egos. The light of this Full Moon is strong, and the pull of its energy is so intense, that we will have no other choice but to open up. Think of this time as the beginning of your body mind and soul falling into complete harmony.

The energy from the moon will help us to let go of repetitive thoughts, worries, and fears. The more conscious we become of our fears, the more it helps us to understand our actions and decisions. Most of us are over-driven with fear, which keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns and in a lower vibrational state. During this time, focus on becoming aware of your fears. Acknowledge them. Think about where they came from and why. Then, let go of them. Use a detached approach when looking at your life, as you will see it more impartial and balanced, when you view it without emotions.

This moon represents the coming of spring. It’s the time when farmers start planning crops for their gardens and animals will begin mating. The long winter is ending and the longer days in the warmth are beginning. Take this time to plant the first seed within you, by loving and focusing on your well being. If you've heard the infamous line, "you're only one decision away from living a completely different life," then you've heard right. This month's Full Moon is providing us with a new type of focus, determination and strength. All that's left for us to learn, is consistency.

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