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Super Blood Wolf Moon

Our first full moon of 2019 is approaching with deep vibrations that are set to change your energy pattern for the rest of the months ahead. 'Super' refers to the moons relative proximity to earth in its orbit. The closeness of the moon visually appears bigger than it usually is for us. 'Blood' refers to the reddish colour the earth's shadow casts on the moon, as there will be a lunar eclipse.

Way back when, it was common to track the changing seasons by following the lunar months rather than the solar year (which our 12 month modern calendar is based on). The Native American tribes named the months after features they associated with the Northern Hemisphere seasons.

The name of the 'Wolf Moon' refers to when wolves would be seen in packs during the wintertime, howling outside the villages at night. The wolves were said to be howling at the moon, as these intelligent creatures did their best hunting during the night. Wolves are strategic and loyal animals. Their packs follow ranks and rely on communication in order to accomplish their goals. Wolves are known to be incredibly expressive creatures, as they not only use verbal communication, but body language and eye contact as well.

The month of January sets the tone for the entire year ahead. The lunar eclipse serves to bring deeper understanding within ourselves, elevating our minds to the highest power. Take notes, and learn from our furry friends. Make communication your priority; within your own pack, community and personal relationships. If one form of communication isn't working, look to see if theres another to get your point across. Take a step back to examine your own life, areas of weakness, and ask yourself if these are just opportunities for you to be able to grow.

The Supermoon x Full Moon is a powerful combination of energy, that will raise your levels of intuition and sensitivity. Eclipses are a time of release and transformation; we are asked to surrender what no longer serves us. As the Full Moon goes into shadow, we might feel as if we are in our own shadows during this time. We are exposed to parts of ourselves that we may not want to face or feel frustrated about. As the Earth's shadow is reflected onto the moon, we too will find that our own shadows will also find a way to light. This total lunar eclipse will be the last one until 2021.

Full Moons are a reminder for us to be mindful, by reflecting on our thoughts and action. Some of us may experience productive heighten brain activity, like others may feel unmotivated and lost. If you're feeling a little empty inside, give yourself space to breathe. Reflect on why you feel this way, and what you can do to change this energy. 2019 tip: if you do not have control over the situation, let it be. Everything that is meant to be, will find its way. Also, bear in mind that the Full Moon magnifies everything, good and bad. It's symbolic of power at its peak, fullness, and a time when your intentions start to come to fruition. Put this energy to good use and set positive intentions for the next 344 days (of 2019). Stay grounded and relaxed, and the Full Moon will work in your favour.

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