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Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

Welcome to 2020, the year of elevation. January 10th, 2020 brings the first Full Moon of this year (and decade), as well as a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. Eclipses are important points in the year as they are believed to be aligned with our soul purpose. Lunar Eclipses open portals of accelerated energy that help to shift and move things from our lives. However, this energy can also be unpredictable by clearing a path for us that we didn’t quite feel we were ready for. This could then accelerate our soul journey by releasing something from our lives or illuminating truths that we needed to realize in order to keep moving forward. This decade, we're in for a major energy shift.

This moon was known by the early Indigenous tribes as the Full Wolf Moon, due to the fact that this was the time of the year when wolves would be seen hunting in packs and howling outside of villages. The wolves were said to be howling at the moon, as these intelligent creatures did their best hunting during the night.

This month focuses on spiritual awakening and coming into power. Cancer rules over the heart chakra, which means that we may feel the boundaries around our hearts start to expand. This can be both beautiful and tender, as heart activations focus on healing. Use this time to open up your heart chakra by meditating and acting out of love.

This moon holds deep meaning as the intensions we set during this time will be illuminated into the year and coming decade. We can expect realizations and emotional breakthroughs to take place during this time, as it will ultimately help align us on the right path — or perhaps put us on a completely new path. We may feel a lack of control due to the effects of this Eclipse, however, this is the time to let go of all egotistical traits.

Take this time (and the coming year) to connect and check in with yourself regularly. The first spiritual law of success is based on pure potentiality. Take time to be silent, to just be still, to meditate. Witness the intelligence within every living thing and most importantly, practice non-judgment. This is the decade of rebirth. Take in every moment as an opportunity and let yourself feel every experience.

Happy New Year!


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