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The Power Of Manifestation

Manifestation is the concept of pulling something into your life through the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a universal principal that takes thoughts and desires that you put your energy into and brings them into your physical world. Once you’ve given your attention to something, you are able to use manifestation to attract it into your existing reality. The more clear and concise your desires are the better, so you must develop detailed images of all that you desire in order to communicate specifically what it is that you want to welcome into your life. Manifesting is a collaboration between you and the Universe, however, beyond just setting your intent, you must also do the work towards these goals. Figuring out what this work may be could include asking yourself the question: “what would my highest self do to get to the next level?” Then implementing those actions to reframe your mind to in order to enable success.

Within manifestation there are two levels. The first is the level of personal manifestation, which creates seeds within one’s personal sphere of energy, affecting their course of life. The second is the level of collective manifestation, which creates seeds within a larger sphere or on a collective scale. Collective Manifestation is powered by multiple individuals, going beyond one person's ability. Respecting both levels and utilizing collective manifestation is an incredible way to elevate/attract common goals that you have with others. It allows you to align with like minded individuals in order to increase the success in manifesting the intention you all may desire. Through accountability, you are all on track by setting the right intentions in order to attract whatever you desire.

The Subconscious, Conscious, and Superconscious

Within manifestation our thoughts can also reach three levels. The subconscious level includes your thoughts, habits or beliefs that occur below your conscious awareness. These are actions that may occur without much thought because it has become automatic or accepted collectively as normal behaviour. The conscious level is the level of thought that we are aware of, sometimes attached to ego and are usually decisions that we make with complete awareness. The superconscious level is the third and most powerful level which is filled with our divine thoughts; the thoughts that are inspired by our souls and contribute to our higher minds. A simple formula for manifestation would be to have a strong will, a clear intention and mixing that with knowledge in order to create purpose for your intent and easily manifest it into reality.

Most of the time we have thoughts beneath what we are trying to manifest that may not always be conscious thoughts. The way these thoughts are carried energetically into the physical world may go beyond words that we can affirm, but rather we feel these in our subconscious thoughts. Letting go of the limiting beliefs within your subconscious is incredibly important. Truly believing that you deserve all that you wish to receive must happen in order for your intentions to be pulled towards you. Ensure that the thoughts and belief system you are attached too is attached to your truest self.

So how can we carry our manifestations into the physical world? Through prayer, setting intentions, daily beliefs, and saying affirmations that are clear. Intentions, beliefs and affirmations that we are less aware of may need to be subconsciously repeated to your mind through subconscious sleep therapy. This is saying your affirmations or clear statements in a repeating pattern as you sleep, allowing your thoughts to absorb the direct energy you desire through your subconscious thoughts as you sleep - basically rewiring your brain for what you desire, creating your reality. Utilizing strong visualization practices, sitting in your emotions or desired emotion you are intending to manifest, and focusing on the vibration of your aura are all great ways to become energetically charged by your higher thoughts. These carriers can be done in both a collective manifestation practice and individual.

Your thoughts may not always feel streamlined with your manifestations, you may also find yourself contradicting your intents with a variety of opposing thoughts. The more disciplined you become in setting clear intentions, the more concrete you will see your manifestations coming to fruition. Becoming aware that you must check in with your manifestations and intentions regularly will also ensure that your energy is staying aligned with your own higher thoughts, and not becoming absorbed or altered by outside energy forces around you. Building time in your spiritual practices to cleanse the energy you attract from outside and finding a way back to self is vital during your awakening process. This will aid you through all of the manifestation “seeds” and help you acknowledge what is important to your true self and not altered by others.

Manifestation & Crystals

Utilizing crystals as carriers of energy to manifest your thoughts into the physical world is a great way to enhance your manifestation abilities. You must find the crystal that resonates with you and what it is you wish to manifest. There are two routes you can go when picking crystals and the energy you desire to achieve. One route is to pick a crystal that may help you with letting go of limiting beliefs or gaining clarity on what you desire, this will help in clearly stating what your intentions for manifestation are. Another option would be to pick a specific crystal that aligns with the energy you need, if you are already clear with what you are trying to manifest. Once you have your crystal, infuse it with your intentions and hold it in your hand as you visualize your manifestation coming to life. Throughout your process of manifestation, a key reminder is to always remain grateful and keep a gratitude journal to see the small daily movements towards your manifestations. It can be overwhelming choosing crystals for the correct intention you are setting, but we made a cheat sheet below to help direct you:

  • Rose Quartz - manifesting love: wear it on a necklace to open up your heart chakra or keep it next to your bed.

  • Citrine - manifesting abundance and prosperity: place in the corner of your office or work space.

  • Clear Quartz - manifesting any desire and amplifying intentions: hold it, meditate on it and visualize your desires.

  • Amethyst - for wisdom and protection: use it in meditation, place in your space to purify and protect your space of any negative energy!

  • Obsidian - for change and letting go of limiting beliefs: sleep with it under your pillow to help with mental stress or use it in meditation for clarity.

  • Malachite - manifesting love, success and abundance: connect to your heart chakra and let go of any patterns or energy that do not serve you, free yourself from negative patterns and become charged with the willpower and determination to respect your new intentions



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