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Super Sturgeon Moon 2022

Welcome to the third and final Super Moon of this year! This month's Full Moon lands in the optimistic sign of Aquarius on August 11th and it is exactly the kind of energy we need during this time - the type of energy that is here to bring you back home to yourself. Community is what builds us, heals us and connects us. There is a community out there that needs YOU. Take this as a sign to step outside of your comfort zone to do what you've been thinking about doing in order to share that love with those who need it the most.

This month's Full Moon energy connects back to our first Super Moon that took place in June. Think about the intensions you set then and how much you have grown since. What stayed with you during this time, and what left? A Super Moon shines light on things in our lives that need to be released, in this case it could be something we have been trying to release over the summer. As much as it might feel like the progress has been slow, in actuality we've taken some large steps in the past couple of months that have led us to where we are now. Pause, and give yourself credit for all the work you have done and will continue to do. It's only when we stop to reflect that we can truly appreciate all that we have worked for.

The sign of Aquarius, the water bearer, is a symbol of healing and transmutation. It has the gift of collecting “water”- the emotional energy of the world, in its vessel, and clearing it using the power of the breath before returning it to Earth. We can use the power of our breath and of our minds to transform any heavy, sticky or dense energy we are feeling during this time in order to provide more love and light into those areas of our lives. Remember that you are the source of your own healing, - whatever you choose to do for yourself is how you choose to take care of the world. By transforming yourself, you are transforming the community around you as you are a reflection of all that is and all that was.

Saturn, the planet of spirituality and karma, is very active under this Full Moon. Saturn energy will encourage us to take responsibility for our actions in order to align to our higher self. Remember that at this current moment, you are are your present self trying to connect to your higher self in order to heal your inner child. It's a continuous cycle of evolution, the more you work on it the more you will be rewarded with the universes blessings. This month's Full Moon is also connected with the Uranus North Node conjunction, which is a major cosmic energy we are working with all throughout the month. This cosmic energy shift will allow us to feel more, see more, and be more.

The best way to navigate through all of this energy is to remember that we hold the power in our breath to regulate our mind, body, and emotions. We have no control over what happens in the world around us, we have no control over the events that unfold, but we do have control over how we choose to show up, and what we choose to give our energy to. Give your energy to all that fills you, rather than giving it to all that drains you. When we let go, we trust in the higher power, When we let go, the higher power delivers. Trust.




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