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Strawberry Super Moon 2021

This month's Super Full Moon lands in the earthy sign of Capricorn on June 24th and it will bring waves of strong energy. Super Moons act like a magnet and help us to draw out any unnecessary emotions, thoughts or feelings that no longer serve us. As these come to the surface, you may feel as if a release has been lifted, however, this release can also come with intense shifts. The duality of these shifts is equivalent to wildcard energy; at times we may feel very high or very low in vibrations. Remember that this is all a part of the release, your job is just to keep letting go. The more we let go, the more space we create for new energy and opportunities to flow. This Capricorn energy will help us keep a pace of calm stability, so long as we commit to our inner healing work and navigate these energies to help us reach a new level of consciousness.

As we get into the second half of 2021, we will find that the frequency of our planet is now at a turning point, which will lead to openings for new paths to guide us. Summer Solstice, which took place on June 20th/21st, shifted the energetic grid of our Earth, which brought powerful waves of harmony, healing and peace. This energy shift came just in time, as Mercury came out of retrograde and went direct on June 22nd. The first two weeks of this month may have felt as if it was the longest month of the year, however, the last two weeks are flying by as we are now entering a new path of openings and opportunities. Take this time to be one with nature, as our Mother Earth can provide us with therapeutic energies to help us feel balanced and grounded.

A common theme for not only this month but the entire year is dealing with and healing through generational trauma and family wounds. Majority of our shadow work stems from healing from our childhood. It is time to release the fear of not being good enough. It is time to release the fear of failure. It is time to release the indescribable heaviness that you are feeling from your ancestors bloodline. It is easy to feel regret, remorse or even guilt when it comes to family, however, your spirit guides are here to remind you that it is not your responsibility to hold onto this heavy energy. The only responsibility you have with this energy is to heal from it, and let it go so that no future bloodlines will suffer from this.

This is a part of the human cycle of life. If we do not deal with our traumas, our future generations will also suffer from it. It is our job to break these cycles so that our future generations focus on nothing but raising this planets vibration and healing our Earth. We don't have to make sense of our lives in order to accept all that it brings. Life is not meant to make sense now, but down the line you will look at it and understand why things happened the way that they did. The journey is what keeps us on edge, forever thriving, learning and searching for more. Once we accept that the higher power is in charge and we set our intention for the end goal (ex: to release all family traumas) the journey is what will guide us there.

Life is meant to be easier than it is, we as humans tend to complicate things more. There is peace to be found once we surrender to control. There is softness that follows once we forgive ourselves and others for struggles that left imprints. Under this Super Full Moon, things may feel scattered all over the place as our emotions are pushed and pulled in different directions. As things come up to the conscious surface, remain grounded and remember that diamonds are formed under pressure. Once the pressure lifts, we will rise.

Traditionally coinciding with wild strawberry season, June's Strawberry Moon received its name from the Algonquin tribes in eastern North America.

Cleanse your aura with love and light under this Super Full Moon, and take the time to connect with your inner self, daily. Just like the Moon, all things come in phases. Nothing lasts forever, everything is temporary. Focus on things that build a sense of security and stability, and know like all things, this too shall pass.




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