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Signs From The Universe

As you elevate on your spiritual journey, you may find the Universe communicating to you through signs or synchronicities. The Universe is always speaking to us and guiding us, we just have tune in and pay attention to these signs. We are all spiritual beings connected to the Universe in countless intricate ways, and the Universe uses these portals to send messages in order to guide us. Often times we assume they are coincidences, and don’t even realize exactly what these signs are, however, there's a good chance that these coincidences are designated signs from the Universe.

It's easy to become frustrated from seeing constant patterns or signs, especially if you do not understand what the message is that is trying to reveal itself. You might feel this way because you aren’t fully aware of the “language” that the Universe uses to communicate with us. The answer or message that you’re seeking is most likely right in front of you, but, this barrier of understanding exactly how the Universe speaks to us can be a major hindrance for some.

Often the Universe speaks through experience. In Vedic wisdom, a lot of attention is placed on the importance of becoming more aware of your life experiences and the messages within. You must first cultivate a true desire to receive messages from the Universe, and become willing to accept the answers no matter how they may come to you. Begin by paying attention, the universe does not have any limitations on how it will speak to you and can range from just a strangers shirt you see with a particular phrase to something much deeper. Pay more attention to the things you experience and the patterns you see, as you may be surprised when finding the deeper meanings.

Dreams are one way that the Universe can send us messages. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that is connected to the wider Universe and is the most open to receiving messages. Dreams are a medium that messages can easily be passed through. When we fall asleep, we tap in to our subconscious in order to absorb the messages being sent.

Animals are another way the natural world sends us messages. Seeing a pattern of the same animals around you, or animal behaviour can be strong signs about the energy surrounding you.

Synchronicities are a major way the Universe communicates messages to you. Often times we think of something or someone right before bumping into them. Most often, this is a sign of being on the right path and being in tune with your intuition. It’s the feeling of confirmation that the Universe gives you to secure that your thoughts are perfectly aligning with your future reality. Patterns of numbers is also a common sign that becomes more noticeable the more you tap in.

Another way we often find messages is when we lose or break objects. Our relationship with our possessions tend to be strong; we often tie how we see ourselves and our lives among the objects we have or are surrounded by. Therefore, it's no surprise when the Universe sends you a message through these tokens we hold so dearly. It’s been said that finding something is tied to recalling a specific memory, while breaking an object is a sign of needing to let go, or release for new beginnings.

We may also receive signs in a more straight forward way by seeing the same word or saying over and over again. Usually, encountering a particular word or phrase in repetition acts as clues towards where you are being guided and/or called to.

Music is a different form of frequency that the Universe has proven to send messages through. Our minds create a complex association between music and our emotions. Coming across songs during a certain moment in your life may be a sign delivered to you to convey information.

Unexpected meetings with individuals who may be the ideal person for your current predicament is also a nudge from the Universe. For example, think of a time you wanted to quit your job to go into a new career path and you happened to just bump into someone who took a similar route in the past and found success. This sort of occurrence is often evidence provided by the Universe confirming what is or isn’t the right track for you to venture on.

Our feelings can be very important messengers, but when it comes to directions given by the Universe, the emotions that come out of place and in intensified waves are the ones that hold the most importance. For example, you may remember a time that you were in a safe place but felt an overwhelming sense of fear or anxiety which could be a sign from the Universe to be cautious.

When our spirit guides are trying to communicate through Universal signals, they may use scents to trigger us. Our minds tend to associate memories with different people or events in our life to various smells. You may not even be aware that these links exist until you encounter an unexpected scent that leaves a powerful lingering emotion or may trigger a memory in your mind. These unusual smells that may trigger a memory may be the Universe’s way of trying to remind you of something or someone that has particular relevance to a situation you’re currently facing.

Your gut is tied to your intuition and is the best guide to the path the Universe has prepared for you. It is worth repeating that your subconscious mind is much more in tune with the universal vibrations than your conscious mind. Your instincts and intuition are often expressed through feelings in the gut and these feelings are products of an active piece of your subconscious mind that is relaying a message from the beyond.

Understanding the Universe’s language can be a skill that’s cultivated through self-reflection and meditation. The more you allow yourself to tune into your own intuition and inner world, the more loudly and clear your dialogue with the Universe becomes. Once you begin to recognize and engage with the signs around you, you have the power to seek specific answers or signs to confirm your current intentions or actions. However, you must completely surrender and release your personal investment to the answer or way the answer comes to you and just allow it to be. If you truly want to experience the message, then allow the experience to become more important than the answer you derive from it. Try not to sabotage the sacredness of the divine messages from the Universe by placing words in it’s mouth, if you’re seeking answers you currently don’t have or haven’t been given then surrender. You may also get lost as you seek the truth, consistently seeking out more instead of getting the simple message. The universe expresses a great deal of genius in simplicity and the truth can be seen in plain sight all the time.

The best form of guidance to trust and lean into is raising your vibration and allowing the Universe to gift you abundance that aligns with your heightened vibration.




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