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Cold Moon 2022

Welcome to the final Full Moon of this year! This month's Full Moon lands in the clever sign of Gemini on December 7th and brings heated energy that we will be guided to release. The entire year was focused on grounding, within and around yourself. As you go about the holiday season you may feel more triggered than usual with this heated energy, so tap into your grounding self and embrace only what serves you during this time.

The symbol of Gemini is represented by twins, one twin is mortal and the other immortal. These twins represent both sides of our being; human and soul. Yin and yang. Balance. This Full Moon calls for us to focus on balance, something many of us have worked so hard to each achieve. Both of our human and soul sides don’t always work together and it can be challenging for them to understand each other’s perspectives. Our human self wants stability and healing. Our soul knows that all is temporary and that we are already healed. Finding balance between these two may seem difficult, but that is exactly what we are called to do under this month's Full Moon.

Each month this year, you connected to a different part of yourself. Each part allowed you to have another puzzle piece to the larger picture. Each version of you has led to this version of you. The energies this month will allow you to connect to all of these parts of you. This is where things may begin to feel heated for your human side, but use this as an opportunity to tap into your soul side of trusting that all is temporary and healed. It is healthy for you to feel and embrace these emotions, but it is also healthy to part from them when it's time.

This heated energy is thanks to the presence of Mars, the planet of motivation and action. Mars is currently in retrograde, and conjunct to the Moon, so it's vibration from slowing down may cause many of us to question our lack of motivation and possible actions. Our energy is a precious resource, our energy is our highest form currency. This Full Moon will highlight what is worth your currency and what no longer serves you.

The day after the Full Moon peaks, on December 8th Venus crosses the Galactic Centre. As the centre of our Galaxy, this area holds an insane amount of vibrational and deeply connected energy. This type of energy is considered supercharge energy, so the connection between Venus, the planet of love, crossing this area in our galaxy can help us to expand our heart centre and focus on all that is good in our lives. If there's anything we've learned this year, it's that love always win, and that you are always in control of your energetic field.

Blessings for 2022.



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