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Strawberry Moon

June's Strawberry Moon recieved its name from the Algonquin tribes in eastern North America. This was the time of year that signalled a gathering of ripe fruit, particularly strawberries. As we reach our halfway point for 2019, this month's Full Moon is a great time to reflect back on the progress that was made and the emotions that were felt over the past six months. We will be given the opportunity to shift into a higher frequency and higher vibration. We will be given the opportunity to tap into high realms and explore the heights of our creativity. We will amplify our intuitive gifts, that will allow the wisdom inside of us to unlock and unleash.

June's Full Moons falls in the house of Sagittarius, sitting just degrees away from the Galactic Centre. Being close to the Galatic Center is going to amplify and upgrade the energy of this Full Moon, as well as raise the frequency of planet Earth. The energy that comes with this, is the vibration of truth and release. Sagittarius' are natural born leaders, that strive to remain on top. They tend to learn, the hard way, how to rise up from the darkness and step into their space.

Speaking our truth is not about being judgemental or expressing from our ego, but rather getting to the root of your soul, and tearing down walls that we have created, on the inside. It's important to remember to be flexible, to be open to change and to have a wide perspective. This time is about uncovering masks, finding the freedom and the love to be true to ourselves in all situations that we end up in.

The energy from this moon radiates expansion and growth, therefore, travelling during this time would be a great. June's Full Moon is known to have a yellow tint of colour, just like honey. June is the most popular month in the year to have a wedding, therefore, the term honeymoon came into existence. It's not a coincidence in how this works in the lunar timeline. Honey refers to the new marriage’s sweetness. Moon refers to how long that sweetness might last or from the changing aspect of the moon—from full to waning.

Take this time to do some cleansing over the next couple of weeks. Mentally, physically and spiritually. Clutter in any form tends to attract negative/ unwanted energy. Having a clean working space, a focused mindset, and clear intensions will help to bring the light in from this Full Moon.

Life is a process of setting a target, taking aim, and then trusting in the flow. We are being called to follow this process in whatever way fits for our lives right now. Pull back layers to uncover your truth, and to trust your intuition and dreams. It's time for you to pick your intentions, and set them free.

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